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Review: Green Lanterns #8

gls_cv8_ds“THE PHANTOM RING” part one! Uncover the mystery of the powerful Phantom Ring that forced a Guardian of the Universe to hide away in the deepest recess of space. Will Simon and Jessica be able to prevent a universe of power-hungry invaders from claiming the new ring for their own?

I hadn’t read a full Green Lantern comic up until the first issue (not the Rebirth special) of this series before, but when I started reading the first issue, I was hooked. Even knowing next to nothing about the characters going in wasn’t a problem because within the first few pages of every issue Sam Humphries will typically write an introduction to the current situation, and the characters, from their own perspective. This intertwined recap/narration is furthered by the often dual perspectives that give each character a distinct voice and allow you to get enough of a grasp on their personalities within the opening salvo of the story that their resulting actions make sense to you.

It’s a pattern that’s repeated at the start of each issue, and for good reason.

Green Lanterns #8 starts a new story that centers around the Phantom Ring; a ring that literally anybody can wear (which is apparently a big deal – just why is actually explained within). It also ties in rather nicely with Halloween, as the two Green Lanterns go trick or treating with Simon’s sister and his nephew. There’s a couple of fun moments as the two try to search for the Guardian of the Universe that’s hiding somewhere within Simon’s home town and the inexperience of the two newest Green Lanterns shows.

This issue is one of the stronger comics in a series that is one of DC’s best since Rebirth hit all those months ago (it may not be that long, I guess). If you’re looking for a place to start reading this series, then look no further; this is going to be one of the most accessible points for at least an issue or two.

Story: Sam Humphries Art: Ed Benes Colour Art: Blond
Story: 8.75 Art: 8.5 Overall: 9 Recommendation: Buy

DC Comics provided Graphic Policy a FREE Copy for review

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