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Review: A&A: The Adventures Of Archer And Armstrong #8

aa_008_cover-a_kanoArcher and Armstrong are perhaps one of the more unlikely combinations that have hit comics in a long time. Archer is a martial artist that would make Chuck Norris pause, and infallibly polite having been raised in a sheltered and strictly religious setting, and trained to kill the devil himself. Armstrong is a 6,000-year-old immortal who has spent millennia in pursuit of the finest alcohols known to man. Stories of his debauchery are lost in legend, and according to Archer’s parents, he is the devil himself.

The two have become the best of friends.

Over the last few issues, the pair have been visiting a carnival full of Armstrong clones – of varying degrees of success (hey the freak show had to come from somewhere, right?) – and, much to Armstrong’s chagrin, they’ve ended up in the middle of a fight or two. All Archer wanted was to have a little fun at the circus, but the shit hit the fan, and now they’re punching people.

Rafer Roberts is one of the most effortlessly entertaining writers in comics today, switching between the often hilarious antics of the two leads and the somewhat darker (yet somehow still amusing) last stand of Sister Superior Mary Maria as her smallish group of unusually normally named assassins take their last stand against the rest of the organization that they work for.

If you’re tired of reading comics that take themselves too seriously, then read this. A&A: The Adventures Of Archer And Armstrong #8 is a fun comic, but not at the expense of the story – there are outlandish moments, but they’re made so much better because the title characters know how outlandish they are. It’s not the fourth-wall breaking that you see from Deadpool, but rather a self-awareness from the writer emerging from his characters. It’s not always subtle,  but it does make me laugh.

If you’re looking for a new series to add to your pull list, then look no further. This is one of Valiant‘s best titles right now.

Story: Rafer Roberts Art: Mike Norton 
Colourist: Allen Passalaqua with David Baron
Story: 9 Art: 9 Overall: 9 Recommendation: Buy

Valiant provided a FREE copy for review. I also purchased a copy.

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