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Review: Wacky Raceland #3

Wacky Raceland #3 CoverThe Racers are skirting the crumbling coastline of the Pacific Ocean when an earthquake threatens to dump them into the toxic waters! And when Penelope and Dick are caught in a tsunami that sweeps them to a barren island without their vehicles or weapons, how will they battle the island’s horde of mutant crabs? And back on the mainland, the other Racers must fend off a tangle of carnivorous vines!

Like the second issue, Wacky Raceland #3 adds a bit more depth to a character, this time focusing on Penelope. The basics of the story is that a wrench is thrown into the race separating Penelope and Dick from everyone else. But, there’s a rule that racers can’t leave other racers to do, so that forces everyone to try to find them and help them out.

Penelope’s story is interspersed with a fantasy story involving a cyclops and a girl. It’s really an interesting choice and forces the reader to do a little digging as far as the message and theme of it all.

But, though the comic does a lot for Penelope, Dick also gets some more depth added through interactions as the two are stranded. All of this is done through his words and reactions by his body. It’s all interesting and plays off of the last issue really well.

Writer Ken Pontac does a solid job mixing action, adding some background and depth to the characters, while at the same time teasing out this strange new world.

The are by Leonardo Manco is great with so much detail on every page. What I didn’t think look great digitally, looks fantastic on the printed page. It’s a solid continuation of the series’ gritty style that began with the first issue. This isn’t an all-ages cartoon after all.

Wacky Raceland continues to impress me with its smart storytelling and action packed pages. I’m fascinated by the world Pontac has laid out and where it’s going from here. I just know I’m along for the race.

Story: Ken Pontac Art: Leonardo Manco
Story: 8.15 Art: 8.15 Overall: 8.15 Recommendation: Buy

DC Comics provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review

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