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Mr H. And Alex Discuss: Batman #2

batman-2-coverThis time on Discuss  the Batmaniacs chat about Batman #2. Released on the 6th of July, the comic is the second chapter in Tom King and David Finch‘s I Am Gotham story (although with it being Batman #1, that’s almost a given…), and features inks from Matt Banning and colour work by Jordie Bellaire. 

As always with these features, there may be spoilers from here on out.

Well welcome back to the Batcave friends!! Last time on Gotham Gir.. err Batman, we saw much from the Dark Knight including corralling a commercial airplane in mid air!

After a touching last moment (or what Bruce thought was to be) with Alfred, he was mysteriously saved by the city’s new power couple Gotham and Gotham Girl (I’m sorry I still expect Blake Lively to start popping off the page)

This issue starts off fast and furious as the new dynamic duo have a ginormous tussle with everyone’s favorite nonsensical zombie mob giant: Solomon Grundy. Y’know born on a Sunday we are bored of his act by Tuesday.

Nevertheless he is giving the newbies what for and that’s when guess who shows up??

Mr H: So Alex after last month’s spectacular outing, how did the opening of this issue fair to you?

Alex: I enjoyed it, but I must admit that because the previews promised an entirely different dynamic between Batman and the Gothams, the cordial, almost mentor like relationship that seems to have formed is catching me off guard. That said, Batman’s appearance is pretty cool, and the way he disposed of Solomon Grundy so effortlessly was awesome. What are your thoughts?

Mr H: Yes that was hard to see. Bruce kind of immediately accepted them under his wing. However Tom King is going for a more vulnerable and mortality driven Bruce so I see it. Just not sold on the genericness of their characters. I am stoked for Hugo Strange however.  So underutilized as a Bat-Foe.

Alex: Yeah, Hugo Strange is a very under used foe. I can count on one hand the number of stories he’s featured in that have been published since I started reading Batman comics. I’m pleased King has chosen Strange as the villain rather than redoing another Joker story so soon after Endgame.

Mr H: Yes I concur. Strange is a great foe for Bruce because he has the mental capability to handle and break Batman. I’m not a fan of the overdone monster men aspect though. I’m apprehensive on that direction but maybe King can pull it off. Perhaps super powered allies are needed to take Hugo down this time. I’d like a more ground level story with him but we shall see what night in Gotham will bring.

Alex: I’m not gonna lie, Batman And The Monster Men is a fantastic miniseries (check it out if you haven’t), and because of that I’m also a little wary of the story being redone. That said, Gotham and the eye-rollingly named Gotham Girl could add an interesting twist to the story, depending on what King does with them.

Mr H: Batman and The Monster Men was a great series by Matt Wagner, one of my all time faves. That’s my point. It has been done so terrifically I’d hate it to be rehashed to a lesser quality. One of the great things about Snyder’s run is he has been taking the classic villains and telling all new stories with them. I think King is doing the same. Just for me I’ve seen that type of Hugo Strange too many times. I want something entirely new. If issue one was any indication, there’s a lot in store in that vein. I just want to see new ground broken with the great doctor.