Review: Another Castle #3

ACASTLE-#3-MARKETING_PREVIEW-1Man, just when I thought I had Another Castle figured out, it does something else that makes me appreciate it more.

Misty manages to escape the Dark Treasury, but has to use the Jumping Stone that Zuurd needed to do so. Naturally, Zuurd is upset and ends up withdrawing her help from Misty, dressing her down for her selfish way of thinking. This leaves Misty with Plan B: pay Mrs. Vasilisc enough for Thrawgg to fall and find another king to take over Grimoire after Badlug is killed. Of course, it never goes that easy.

This is the first issue that doesn’t peek in on Beldora and instead focuses on Misty learning the ropes of being a diplomat as she has to focus on finding a way to take Badlug out of power and save Pete from dying at the hands of the Thrawgg. It sort of speaks to the way that women are constantly working behind the scenes of men to bring forth results, but probably with more demonic underlings working against them. Misty still struggles with this diplomacy angle though because not only does she anger the rightful king Robin, who immediately dismisses her, but she also opens “a whole underworld of trouble” when she fights the King’s Guard to save a young girl and her sister.

Meanwhile, Pete is off on his quest, totally oblivious to Misty’s struggles in Grimoire as the monsters along the way are actually being super nice to him. This is where most of the issue’s humor lies and while Andrew Wheeler’s writing is massively entertaining here with how oblivious our handsome prince is, the absurdity of it all is punched up by Paulina Ganucheau’s art as she draws big and buffy scary monsters in adorable domestic situations. If you’re not wanting Ganucheau to create a comic series about giant and buff pastel demons running a bakery after reading this issue, I’m not sure I’d want to know you.

Well, the oblivious nature can only be so cute for so long as the issue leaves off on a cliffhanger of Pete believing Golga is the Thrawgg. Eep!

While there is still plenty of action to be had, Another Castle #3 takes the unexpected route of trying to push Misty out of her comfort zone and to deal with consequences of her actions as she tries to work undercover to save Pete and Grimoire. It’s rough for her, but ultimately makes for a fulfilling issue that keeps the intrigue up going into issue #4. Plus, cute demons who make cupcakes and collect clocks never hurt.

Story: Andrew Wheeler Art: Paulina Ganucheau
Story: 9.0 Art: 9.5 Overall: 9.25 Recommendation: Buy

Oni Press provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review

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