Review: Citizen Jack #1

Citizen JackA horror-comedy for anyone who hates politics! Every presidential candidate has a skeleton in their closet—Jack Northworthy worships the devil! A scandal-plagued, small town politician, Jack should in no way be president. But he’s got a secret weapon: Marlinspike, a malevolent demon of high ambitions. Together, they’re running for president in an outrageous campaign that America will never forget!

Written by Sam Humphries with art by Tommy Patterson, Citizen Jack #1 is the beginning of what looks to be an entertaining jab out our political process and system.

I can’t say I’ve ever worked for a politician like Jack Northworthy (not the devil worship stuff, the being a drug addicted jackass). But, the situation like you feel you need to make a deal with the devil to win is familiar, as well as a win at all costs mentality. Humphries has an interesting series which is part horror, part comedy, part satire, part political commentary, all mixed up in a very entertaining package that had me hooked and wanting more.

Jack might have a drug and drinking issue. He might be corrupt. He might be an idiot. But for some reason he’s entertaining, and in a weird way I’m cheering for him. It might be the underdog thing.

Humphries is backed up by Patterson whose art is solid and helps add to the vibe of Jack being a sad sack. The way the character is handled, and how he looks compared to everyone else, enhances the fact of just how low this guy is. Small details (that wording was chosen deliberately) are added to scenes that tell a story unto themselves so that Humphries doesn’t need to. Check the scene in the snowblower store as an example of this.

This year seems to be a solid one for political comics, and especially satire, with Prez being one of the other standout highlights. Both succeed in showing an understanding of a broken process and broken system, while lampooning them in a way that makes you laugh, though we all should probably be crying from the reality of it all. It’s just a first issue, but Citizen Jack looks like it’s just what I need to get through the 2016 election.

Story: Sam Humphries Art: Tommy Patterson
Story: 9 Art: 8 Overall: 9 Recommendation: Buy

Image Comics provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review