Around the Tubes

Interesting news has been rolling out up to the kick-off of San Diego Comic-Con. What are your predictions for the convention?

Around the Tubes

The Beat – When a con goes bad: Saskatoon Blitz 2015 – What shitty responses. Well that’s a con to not go to.

CBR – Comic-Con International Bans Selfie Sticks – Bwahahahaha.

The Beat – Is TokyoPop still coming back? – I forgot they were gone.

The Washington Post – The action-packed thrill of comic books, onstage – This sounds cool.

iO9 – The ’80s Marvel Super Heroes RPG Was Class 5000 Awesome – Never played it, but definitely checked out the releases.


Around the Tubes Reviews

ICv2 – Junior Braves of the Apocalypse Vol. 1: A Brave is Brave HC

CBR – Martian Manhunter #1