That’s Because You’re A Robot, a science-fiction warning

Coming from Image Comics this June, BAFTA winner and writer on HBO’s award winning Veep David Quantick teams up with legendary comics artist Shaky Kane on the migraine-inducing Pop Art, Cop-Buddy one-shot That’s Because You’re A Robot.

Two cops patrol a near-future Los Angeles together in an oversized patrol car, and one of them is a robot—but we don’t know which!

In a release Quantick described what we can expect:

Welcome to a world where identity is uncertain, the definition of humanity is open to question and there is an evil giant leprechaun who can fly. “Welcome to That’s Because You’re a Robot.

Kane further described the mix of styles in That’s Because You’re A Robot.

Imagine Car 54 Where Are You? channeled through Philip K Dick’s cryogenically preserved brain, broadcast via the first Pye color television set with the color turned up to full retina burn. If you did, you’d get something close to That’s Because You’re a Robot… but not that close.

That’s Because You’re A Robot arrives in stores on 6/11 and will be available for $3.99. It can be pre-ordered using Diamond Code APR140504.


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