Pick of the Week – Idolized #2

Idolized is one of those series that will fall under the radar for far too many people. The series takes the American Idol formula and spins it to the super hero set with the winner getting a spot on “the” super hero team. The series follows a young girl with a secret that drives her motive in getting onto the show and winning it. The art is solid and story fantastic so far. What it really has going for it is an engaging story that has me entertained and hooked. When I went into issue #0, I thought it’d be like that other series with a similar premise, but instead, it cuts to the formula that works so well on reality television shows, driving the narrative of the show by focusing on an interesting character. It works on tv and it works for the comic so well, really breaking down what’s driven reality tv for so many years. Where the series goes and how well it can keep it up remains to be seen, but as far as books to read this week, Idolized #2 by Aspen Comics is the top of my list.

  • Idolized #2see above
  • Ultimate Comics Ultimates #16 – Marvel is hyping this issue which comes out one week after issue #15. Captain America/Steve Rogers is now President in a fractured United States. It should be interesting to see where this goes, but there’s so much potential.
  • Rachel Rising #11 – Terry Moore’s horror series has been amazing and should be on everyone’s list to read.
  • Higher Earth #5 – The plot and twists are predictable, but boy is it fun. The series revolves around a revolution in a world of infinite Earths. The fun is seeing what the creators come up with next.
  • Steed & Mrs. Peel #1 – Mark Waid is on a role, so it’ll be interesting to see what he does with these classic characters.