Want To Watch Kick-Ass For Free In Your Town? Demand It!

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Eventful, a website that has proven itself a great tool to promote under the radar movies (Paranormal Activity anyone?) is running a promotion to bring a free advance screening of the upcoming movie Kick-Ass to your college.

The top college in the 15 cities listing will get a screening of the movie.  Social marketing like this is invaluable and social word of mouth is becoming vital in marketing many items, especially entertainment.  The hopes, I’m sure, is that early positive buzz from these advance screenings will catapult the movie to a kick ass opening (pun intended).

The site also encourages you to “spread the word” through Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, sharing a link and emailing your friends.  You just can’t buy viral marketing like this, no matter how much money you dump into it.

You can push for your local college to win at http://eventful.com/competitions/kickass2010.