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TV Review: Marvel’s Luke Cage S2E2 Straighten It Out

The second episode of Marvel’s Luke Cage is an interesting one diving into relationships even further, an underlying theme of the season so far. Luke’s relationship with his father. Luke’s relationship with Clare. Mariah and Shades. Mariah and her family. The wounds explored are ones that are internal in this season. Yes, there’s lots of action and damage. Luke has his moments and his are full of bruises but all of that on the outside, it’s the internal that’s what this is all about.

That’s extended and explored in the music of the season. Unlike the first season’s hip-hop focused soundtrack, the second season’s first and second is more blues infused. The blues is a music built off of pain and about internal emotion. It’s use reflects on what this season seems to be challenging.

This episode too does some interesting things when it comes to the imagery and an interspersing of various scenes from different locations and moments while a voice over sermon plays. The first season had some fantastic visuals and this second season seems like it’s attempting to try some different things as well.

The episode continues to lay out themes and set things up for the season. It’s good but much like the season debut, it’s slow. That’s something that was done in the second season of Jessica Jones and much like that season, this one seems to be focused on the family. We’ll see if things pick up but much like the first episode, this one is good but not great.

Overall Rating: 7.0

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