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Nerd Block is Returning in 2018

Nerd Block is returning! That announcement was made today by the mystery box company that shuttered in 2017. The company has announced a “new approach” and will be looking for input and feedback from their community.

In their announcement they said their previous model was “unsustainable” when they shuttered around June 2017. The company has re-incorporated under a slightly different name: Nerdblock Enterprises. Founded in 2013, the previous company declared bankruptcy due to a lack of capital. The company has moved from Canada to the United States with operations in California and Nevada.

While referencing “new leadership,” they also have said they are partnering with Insight Editions, a publishing company that provided numerous exclusive items in the previous run of boxes. The “new leadership” is “a completely new group” and includes new management.

Through this new partnership, Nerd Block will be able to offer exclusive, quality content and products that grant behind-the-scenes access to books, comics, films, video games, and television shows. That’ll include interviews, original artwork, breaking pop culture news, and an overall expansive view into the work and craft behind cultural media.

The new Nerd Block will also have original collectibles, limited-edition books, and other rare offerings.

The FAQ that went along with the announcement also said the new corporation is unable to help with payment issues concerning the old company.

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