Review: Victory Children #0

Children born with disabilities, often are not looked at less than human. Their worlds usually involve a lot of hospital care and mostly supportive family. Rarely, in the media, are portrayed as individuals who are extraordinary. The recently released Superb, serves as fine example of innovative thinking, as we finally our first superhero with down syndrome.

I know most fans would think of Doctor Mid-Nite or Daredevil, as being the most prominent examples of heroes with disabilities, but with both characters, they are often given “super “abilities to offset the disability in the first place. Rarely, are they shown as adolescents, having to deal with their lot in life. It was not until movies like Hanna and the viral Stranger Things, has children even been seen as children with forces bigger than themselves. This what I thought about when I read Victory Children #0, a story where children who get experimented on, gain super powers.

In the first few pages, the reader is given context through some redacted pages of a dossier, which talks about Project P.E.T., which experiments on individuals who have a rare brain disorder, known as Dawn’s disease. The doctors who are treating the children, gets a crisis of conscience, when he realizes they are being utilized to become biological weapons, as each child has their own set of powers. The facility that holds them and the company that owns the research, decide that no trace of anyone who knows what is going on there, should survive. By boo’s end, the children have escaped but the corporation who experimented on them are hot on their trail.

Overall, an excellent book, which initially comes off as something in the vein of New Mutants, but feels little more articulate than that providing the reader, a complex story. The story by Adrean Klein is absorbing, exciting and enigmatic. The art by Miguel Ruiz is vibrant and gorgeous. Altogether, it is like the X-Men meets Bionic Six, with a favor all its own.

Story: Adrean Klein Art: Miguel Ruiz
Story: 10 Art: 10 Overall: 10 Recommendation: Buy