Review: The Interview

In your lifetime, eventually you will face “a crisis of conscience “, where it appears whatever you do, you fail. It can affect many facets of your life. In your personal life, a relationship with a loved one, may not be as good as you would like it to be. In your professional life, you may not be in the where you expected to be and may be years behind you goal.

What these facets of our life, have in common other than you are your association to people and events. People come into your life all the time, how you interact with them, determine how long they will be there. Events occur, and they much like people, can stay with you for a while. In Manuele Fior’s The Interview, an existential science fiction story, which challenges how one reacts in their professional life when their personal life falls apart.

We meet a psychologist, Raniero, living in the year 2049, in Italy who a few things going in his life which includes a marriage which is trouble, a car accident and being a victim in a crime when most people fall apart he buries himself in his work. He starts to treat a patient, Dora, who claims to have been communicating extraterrestrials in the sky, the same ones Raniero has been getting slivers of light from. As his encounters with Dora become more frequent, so does his bond with her, and he starts to realize that there may be some truth between what he sees and what she hears. By book’s end, a decision must be made and everything clings on Raniero’s belief in what is the truth.

Overall, an endearing novel that captures the reader in the most alluring ride of a story. The story by Fior will grip the reader instantly. The art by Fior, is straightforward and abstract simultaneously. Altogether, a beautiful book that will leave you wondering what the future holds.

Story: Manuele Fior Art: Manuele Fior
Story: 10 Art: 10 Overall: 10 Recommendation: Buy