First Reaction To Voltron: Legendary Defender

voltron2As this sites everything Voltron guy, I apologize for this post coming so late, however I really need to wrap my head around what I was seeing. I literally have watched this trailer about 15 times and I really can’t find anything to not like about it.

Everything from the story to the characters to the animation I can’t find anything wrong. Even thing that I thought would bother me about the new show like how Keith is not the leader of the Voltron team he now pilots the Red Lion and lance now pilots the Blue Lion (which really makes sense, I mean in the original adaptation of the show Keith wears a red and white suit and Lance wears a blue and white suit). The castle of Lions look amazing as does the Lions themselves. The new flight suits are spiffy and actually look like what a futuristic pilot would wear. Executive producers Joaquim Dos Santos, Lauren Montgomery and writer Tim Hedrick and the rest of the creative team at Dreamworks have a surefire hit on their hands and both Old fans (as well as Deadpool) and the younger generation will really enjoy this new series.

The pilot episode of the series is going to be a one hour long premier followed by 10 more 22 minute long episodes. My butt is going to be glued in front of my TV (as long as the wife has no problem with it lol) and I will be grinning from ear to ear. It is going to be amazing and it’s amazing I have such high hopes for the show after only watching a minute or so long trailer since I have been very skeptical from the begging which I have said here here . I look forward to writing more reviews of the show and I hope I can speak highly of all 11 episodes.