Review: Red Hood/Arsenal #1

rha001Following on the potential for the mini-reboot in the post-Convergence DC Universe comes this series, ostensibly what is left of Red Hood and the Outlaws after Starfire was split off for her own series.  The series of Red Hood and the Outlaws followed a strange course.  The first issue was one of the most discussed about issues in modern history, up there with the first issue of Spider-Woman, and specifically because of its portrayal of its female main character.  While the series maintained what was usually a sophomoric approach to story telling, it did improve over time, and the initial controversy faded over what became the three characters gelling together.

While the idea to split off Starfire is perhaps an odd one considering that her own new series seems a bit directionless at the moment, the remainder of the team is what it is, even if it is a bit light on members.  The introduction is even lighter.  With Starfire gone Roy is working on his own, in the middle of the desert tracking a prisoner handover between a drug cartel and the U.S. government.  Roy is a little lost in his thoughts at times as he is dealing with the departure of Kory, and things get worse when the outcome of the handover is not as planned, or at least not by everyone except for Roy.  It is a fairly basic and straightforward introduction to the character, but it does allow to get the ball rolling with the return of what is left of the team.

Part of the problem with this series as it has been before in the new 52 was its lack of interest to those who were not fans of the two characters.  As it stands it doesn’t seem as though they have managed to break that trend.  While this is a decent enough introduction to the characters for those looking to jump on board for a #1, it also ends up feeling a bit like an inside joke as the series often has before.  It would do better to reach out to a broader base of fans, as the characters are fun, but by not doing so it ends up being a bit mediocre.

Story: Scott Lobdell  Art: Dennis Medri 
Story: 7.2 Art: 7.2  Overall: 7.2  Recommendation: Pass