Review: Wonderland #36

wonderland036aThe denizens of Grimm Fairy Tales standout series return her for what is the end of the second major story arc after Erica J. Heflin took over the helm for the title.  The change in focus under the new writer is one that was perhaps a natural evolution of the characters and setting but it is also one which leaves a lot open to interpretation.  After all Wonderland is the seminal setting for the literary nonsense genre of fiction, a genre which really only contains a handful of recognizable entries. The setting is one which is full of the abstract and bizarre, but also one which is full of the stuff that makes up the fantasy genre, and so while this series is still very much set in the madness that was and is Wonderland, at times recently the series has almost taken on a fantasy feel.

As the final issue of this story arc, there are still evidently a few loose ends to be wrapped up.  With the Terro on the loose, Calie and Cheshire are forced into an alliance with the Squire, who had given them the means by which to control the Terror.  The Terror was not so easy to be controlled though and worked its powers to manipulate the minds of the Cheshire and the Squire into being enemies of Calie as she sought to control this threat.  As Calie faces off against them here, it is not the most engaging part of the story although the action is fun enough, instead she faces against her own worst nightmares, but as a veteran of the torment of Wonderland, there are not as potent as her enemy thinks.

Once again this issue proves why this series is far and away the standout series from Zenescope.  The characters are rich and the concept has depth.  The metamorphosis of Calie from troubled teen in the earlier books to superhero queen is maybe not the most evident from the earlier stories involving the character, but as they are written it is natural and logical progression in the character’s path.  This issue continues forward the strong momentum behind this series and finishes the second story arc with a bang, and sets up the future for more grat stories to come.

Story: Erica J. Heflin Art: Manuel Preitano
Story: 9.3 Art: 9.3 Overall: 9.3 Recommendation: Buy