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Review: Try Again #2

Try Again

When does your morality keep you from doing something? That is the question that idealists have asked as long as the world could dream of eloquent ideas. This what separates idealists from pragmatists. One only wishes it could be such a ways while the other knows how the world actually works. That make sthe vitriol troops got when they came home from the Vietnam War so abhorrent.

Many of those men and women who only followed orders found rebuke and death threats when they came home. The choice of not following orders is only the thing of movies and television and not how it works in the real world. A moral compass has no place in the battlefield. In Noir Ceasar’s Try Again #2, Danielle does find her moral compass but maybe to her own peril.

We find Danielle as she grapples with whom she is doing the hit for, and how she only hopes to walk away alive. When she realizes who the target is and the reasons behind it, she understands immediately why she needs to finish the assignment. Of course, nothing is easy, but being a revenant, comes with its advantages, as she swiftly executes him. By the issue’s end, Danielle uneasily completes the ritual that every revenant must do to ensure payment, a task that is more difficult than it sounds.

Overall, it’s a great chapter which is a bit different than every other entry in the genre. The story by Will Brown, Marcus Johnson, and John Lawrence is exciting. The art by Win Dolores is stunning. Altogether a story that adds some horror to the crime noir genre.

Story: Will Brown, Marcus Johnson, and John Lawrence Art: Win Dolores
Story: 9.0 Art: 9.0 Overall: 9.0 Recommendation: Buy

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