Bloodborne Official Artworks from Udon Entertainment

Celebrated for its unsettling atmosphere, eldritch monsters, oppressive difficulty, and detailed lore, Bloodborne has been praised by fans and critics alike as one of the top video games of the current console generation. That’s why UDON Entertainment is excited to announce the upcoming release of the highly anticipated Bloodborne Official Artworks, collecting all of the grim, Gothic-inspired illustrations behind the smash-hit Bloodborne video game in one gorgeous art book!

Gamers know that Bloodborne is inextricably linked with the fan-favorite Dark Souls series, and indeed, fans who have picked up UDON’s best-selling Dark Souls Design Works and Dark Souls II Design Works know exactly what kind of hair-raising, bone-chilling experience awaits within the pages of Bloodborne Official Artworks. Inside you’ll find a complete lineup of creature designs, location illustrations, character concepts, and weapons, as well as an item and trophy glossary – and more!

Don’t think for a moment that Bloodborne’s downloadable content has been forgotten, either; Bloodborne Official Artworks also features plenty of material from the game’s sole DLC campaign, “The Old Hunters!” Truly, there has never been a better time to discover – or rediscover – the hauntingly beautiful city of Yharnam.

Bloodborne Official Artworks will be available for purchase at finer comic book stores, book retailers, and various online retailers in May 2017, while Dark Souls Design Works and Dark Souls II Design Works are available now.


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