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Review: Orcs! #1


Orcs! centers around a group that has been banished from their community and the adventures that they then get into. This first issue had an elder telling the young Orcs about a sea-faring adventure featuring a siren, which then led into the main story of them trying to find treasure in the forest and having to deal with the denizens there.

It’s a likable and charming book, aimed more at being fun and friendly. These aren’t quite the bloodthirsty lot we’ve seen in other works and it’s a refreshing take. Orcs! was created by Christine Larsen, who did the writing and illustrating. Both sides are in sync and it results in a quality comic book that anyone can really enjoy. I thought the first issue had a good balance of action and adventure, while taking the time to teach me who these characters are and why I should care. Larsen’s writing does a lot of work fleshing out the cast of Orcs! and her art style is pretty eye-catching, too. I thought the color palette was a perfect match to the art.

Orcs! is part of BOOM! StudiosKaBOOM! imprint, focusing on stories for younger readers or those young at heart. The impression I was left with after reading Orcs! is that it had a good dose of charm and comedy to reel me in with art that had a pleasing aesthetic. It wasn’t quite my cup of tea and that’s fine because plenty will like what this book is. Maybe it doesn’t have the action or combat I like in my fantasy books but as a parent looking to add to my children’s reading pile, these are the kinds of comics I love picking up because I’m fairly certain they’d enjoy it.

Story: Christine Larsen Art: Christine Larsen Flats: H.E. Gregory
Story: 8.0 Art: 6.0 Overall: 7.0

BOOM! Studios provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review

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