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We Put Together and Review the E-Win Calling Series Ergonomic Computer/Gaming Office Chair With Pillows

Gaming accessories is a big business and you can get items tailored to your needs from bags, to keyboards, to headphones, and gaming chairs. I’ve always been fascinated by the latter but have never had a chance to try one out. When E-Win reached out to see if I’d be interested in reviewing one of their chairs, I jumped at the opportunity.

I’ve had so many questions about these tailored chairs. The top being, are they comfortable? I’ve had a “computer chair” I got somehow and it was comfortable, but the chair was a bit wobbly and felt a bit cheap. But, it was comfortable and that’s what mattered. I’ve also had a very nice, and expensive, chair at the day job and that feels like it delivers the ergonomic promises it makes. But, what about these gaming chairs that I see all the cool kids on Twitch using?

The first step, which chair to pick?

I like E-Win’s designs. They’ve got a cool look to them that mixes an aesthetic that reminds me of a racing car with a chair. I’m a bit fond of blue so that was the color to pick, though there was some that had me leaning others way. Checking the website, the differences between the various chairs wasn’t quite clear and I went off of design more than anything.

In the end, I was sent a chair from the E-Win Calling Series.

The second step, putting the chair together.

While the instructions that come with the chair didn’t quite match up to the one I got, the construction was actually pretty easy. The chair comes with the tools needed and can be put together on one’s own. It is a bit heavy, so that may cause some issues but overall the process wasn’t bad at all. I made the mistake of putting the chair together in a different spot than it’d eventually wind up… carrying it down narrow stairs was not fun. So, plan ahead.

Want to see how easy it was? Check out the video I shot of the adventure and glory in my fashion sense.

So… how’s the chair!?

This is what really matters, right? The chair is really comfortable. It now resides at my board game table/studio and you have seen it in videos since. While I wish there was a tilt function, the chair itself is something I can definitely sit in for some time and feel comfortable.

It also looks really nice. It’s a far upgrade from the totally black computer chair I had in the past, drawing your eye in a bit, though looking completely awkward compared to the simple wood chairs around them.

The chair does get me to want to sit in it a bit and grab my controller and spend some hours playing some video games, the real final test to get my final overall impression. But, on the initial use, it’s a vast upgrade from my chairs of the past.

While I personally might pause at spending this sort of money of a chair like this, I totally get the hype and reason to get them. They’re comfortable and have a nice design about them adding a little something to the gaming experience.

You can get your own E-Win gaming chair now and 30% off by using the code “graphic.”

Graphic Policy was provided with a FREE chair for review as well as the placement of advertisement promoting E-Win