• facebook stats featured

    Demo-Graphics: Comic Fandom on Facebook

    It’s the first of the month and that means a new look at the demographics of people who “like” comics on Facebook. This data is compiled using demographic data from

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  • june comic block featured

    Comic Block Review: June 2015

    Comic Block is the newest subscription box from Nerd Block. Although I used to subscribe to Nerd Block, I’ve stopped for some months. But once I’d heard about Comic Block, I

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  • batmite002

    Review: Bat-Mite #2

    There are invariably going to be comparisons between this series and Bizarro.  Both are less serious looks at the DC Universe, one looking at a weird road trip, and the

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  • groot002

    Review: Groot #2

    When it comes to the timing of the releases for this series, it is interesting to notice a trend between Marvel and DC Comics.  Series do tend to fluctuate a

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  • rs001

    Review: Red Skull #1

    There are likely those that think that the well of ideas for Secret Wars might already be exhausted, between the new material and the inspiration from previous crossovers or other

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  • af002a

    Review: A-Force #2

    The Secret Wars universe has been a strange playground for the creative minds behind Marvel Comics.  While some series are tied to the comic book crossovers which inspired them, some

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  • years002

    Review: Years of Future Past #2

    The Secret Wars crossover has perhaps been the unkindest to the X-Men.  Part of the underlying concept behind the huge crossover is to take story arcs and other crossovers from

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  • bizarro002

    Review: Bizarro #2

    The Golden Age of comics was defined by a few different factors, but one of those factors was definitely a tie to the occult.  As opposed to the silver age

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  • EW07

    Review: He-Man Eternity War #7

    The story line for He-Man comes at an interesting time in DC Comics.  Although it is a DC Comic by publishing, and not by shared universe, it nonetheless is part

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  • westandonguard

    Review: We Stand On Guard #1

    We Stand On Guard #1  is the start of a new ongoing series published by Image Comics set one hundred years into the future where the United States of America

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