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Editor Brendan Wright is Removed From Projects After Being Named in Harassment Accusation

Editor Brendan Wright has been removed from numerous projects after being accused of harassment and stalking another individual within the comic industry. Wright is a former Dark Horse Editor and the former Executive Editor and VP for SBI Press.

Wright has been dropped from numerous projects including the Shots Fired benefit anthology which was recently Kickstarted. Numerous other individuals and publishing teams have announced they have parted ways with him as well.

Suspicious Behavior Productions released the following statement:

White Cat Entertainment also announced they would no longer working with Wright Tweeting:

We have terminated our relationship with Brendan Wright, and as of now he will no longer be working on Rise of the Kung Fu Dragon Master.

Starburns Industries Press, his former employer but Wright was still working on projects with them, also released a statement:

Wright met the accuser at a party where she provided him with her information in hopes of building out her connections within the industry.

She went on to describe Wright as “calling/texting constantly, showing up at my then day job” and even showed up outside of her apartment building.

She would go on to Tweet:

Brendan would remind me all the time that he knew more people than I did, that he could get me on projects if he was feeling generous, all the while telling me how much he was in love with me and how badly he wanted to fuck me.

After he quit DH we started working together freelance. Once, in a bar (I always insisted on meeting in public), while we were going over notes on a script, he again told me that he was in love with me.

I asked him to stop saying that and he responded with what he considered a joke saying, “Even though I want to fuck your face?” He laughed. Loudly.
Another time at a work meetup, I drank too much and ended up having to crashing at his place (I’m going to stop you here if you’re thinking this is my fault. I drank too much. It happens. I didn’t want to drive, the buses had stopped running, and this was before ridesharing).

He let me sleep in his bed with him on the couch. I locked the bedroom door and was so uncomfortable that I kept waking up to check that it was still locked.

In the morning he asked why I’d locked the door. I asked why he’d been trying to get into a room where an intoxicated person was sleeping. He then made another “joke” about the sweats I’d borrowed to sleep in “smelling like pussy”.

I allowed our acquaintance to continue because I’d convinced myself that my career was worth it. I wasn’t picking up very much work at the time and he approached me with projects that were already green lit and getting published.

When I finally cut contact, all of my work went with him. I didn’t work for months.

These are just two of many memories I have of him.

Brendan Wright used his position of power to torment and harass me in an attempt to satisfy his own obsessive sexual urges.

We’ll add to this article as more individuals come forward. We’ve asked for a comment from Wright but have yet to hear back as of the time of the article’s release. We’ll update it if any is received.