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Valiant Entertainment Adds Drew Baumgartner and Zane Warman

Zane Warman (left) & Drew Baumgartner (right)

Zane Warman (left) & Drew Baumgartner (right)

Valiant Entertainment has announced two new hires: Drew Baumgartner joins Valiant HQ as Assistant Editor, and Zane Warman has been named to the position of Domestic Licensing Coordinator.

Baumgartner, who has been contributing to the growth of the Valiant Universe as an Editorial intern since earlier this year and was instrumental in the publisher’s rollout of its recent Breakthrough initiative, will play a key role in the development of Valiant’s upcoming titles (more info on that very soon!) and the expansion of the universe and its fan-favorite characters.

Warman, who will join forces with International Licensing Coordinator Oliver Taylor, will aid in the establishment and coordination of domestic licensing relationships, as well as schedule and take part in product development and coordinate with Valiant’s Marketing team to spread the word about new licensing relationships.