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My Year in Comics News and Analysis 2015

Wicked Fuck Yeah

I’ve had a huge year in comics. If you’ve missed it here are a few highlights. Thanks to everyone for your support!

– getting quoted in The Guardian about Batman #44

– the success of our Jessica Jones podcast (also available on ITunes). In terms of public support, the quality of our guests and listener numbers.

– the fact that I’m writing reviews a lot. Especially proud of my essays on

  1. The Humans (which I spent MONTHS on),
  2. Phonogram: The Immaterial Girl (which I lost sleep over),
  3. Race in Grayson #15 (even if no one read it),
  4. The Wicked + The Divine (in which I discuss my teen goth years),
  5. Thor’s Arm (aka Thor issue 1 which I know impacted how one comic artist is approaching a new book he’s doing) and
  6. Batman #44/charity industrial complex.

– @graphicpolicy​ Radio Podcast doing better then ever. My fave episodes this year included this interview with the

  1. writer of Batgirl and Black Canary (Brenden Fletcher)
  2. the writer of Catwoman, (Genevieve Valentine)
  3. one of the writers of Constantine: Hellblazer, (Ming Doyle, also an artist)
  4. the team behind The Humans and Henry and Glenn Forever (Keenan Marshall Keller and Tom Neely
  5. indie comics innovator and artist @d3-14​ Ron Wimberly
  6. and our TWO podcasts about Daredevil (this one about the show over all with the A/V club and Salon’s Scott Erik Kauffman and
  7. this one about the use of torture with Spencer Ackerman).

– I can’t take credit for Graphic Policy running @gimpnelly‘s investigation of sexual assault in comics but I am really happy with how I supported it and other reporting on harassment that GP did on social media

– Working with Emma Houxbois to get James Robinson to apologize for transphobia in Airboy #2. Because at the end of the day organizing gets results and GLAAD is a force to be reckoned with (and after working in the movement for as long as I have if I can’t get an organization to weigh in on something big over a holiday weekend then I’m doing it wrong.