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Captain America: Patriot #1

Jeff Mace – It was Independence Day all over again for the hard-working employees of the Morgan Shoe factory, when a new Masked Marvel defended their constitutional right of assembly.  The workers had gathered peacefully to discuss factory safety when they were disrupted by an unruly gang who were itching for a fight.

Deadpool #27

Store owner – You are the terrorists, not me!  You and your government!

Deadpool – Hey, don’t look at me– I haven’t voted since the Pepsi challenge!

Store owner – Then you are guilt of doing nothing!

Deadpool – … what!?  Man, complex political discussions make my head hurt…

DMZ #57

Amina – I guess what I mean to say is one baby is too many to see in a warzone.  But that’s the reality.  All over the world, in every conflict.  Is it any different here in America?  Should it be?

The Invincible Iron Man #30

Tony Stark – Tonight, while escorting a young lady home from the Stark Resilient Gala I was the victim of an assassination attempt by terrorists.  Apparently someone doesn’t like that Stark Resilient is building you a tomorrow that’s free of dependency on fossil fuels.  They found out the hard way you can’t kill Iron Man and you can’t keep American ingenuity down.

Dougie’s War

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dougie's warDescribed as “absolutely brilliant” the graphic novel Dougie’s War tells the story of Dougie Campbell, a veteran of the war in Afghanistan returning home to the south side of Glasgow.  The novel focuses on Campbell’s return from the war and difficulty he faces adjusting to civilian life.

Scottish veterans, David Cruickshanks and Shaun Davidson, both from Fife Veterans Association, launched the explosive new graphic novel at Edinburgh Castle.

The graphic novel is the first release by independent Glasgow publishers Freight, written by acclaimed novelist and biographer Rodge Glass and illustrated by artist Dave Turbitt.

Cruickshanks was approached by Rodge Glass to help him put the novel together.

We chatted about what armed service veterans feel like when they come out of the services and about trying to integrate them back into the community when they’ve left.

I was in the Navy so I came out of there into civilian life. I had an injury to my knee so I got a medical discharge and Rodge and I spoke about a character that would maybe do the same sort of thing.

If the novel appeals to all different types of people, particularly younger people, then it helps to get the message across that people do suffer trauma when they come back from the services.

It is hoped that the novel will shine a spotlight on Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

Choice Quotes

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Secret Warriors #19

Dum Dum Dugan – There is a shadow war going on between organizations that have no allegiance to anything but themselves.  They have no nation to defend, so they don’t worry about sanctions or retribution.  They have no borders, so they can’t be boxed in or contained.  Your rules… your laws… mean nothing to them.

Choice Quotes

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Doomwar #6

James Rhodes – I can’t believe you used that moron for something this important.  Who’s your Secretary of State?  Borat?

Shuri – T’Challa — A direct attack against Latveria will start a war, and we’ll look like the aggressors.  Everyone will align against us.


Shuri – Remember your heritage, T’Challa.  Wakanda does not start wars.


Hank Pym – Yeah, well your country’s been involved in one political mess after another, so your credibility is in the crapper.  If they could fire ’em, half the nukes on the planet would be inbound to your doorstep.


Shuri – I want to kill you more than I’ve wanted anything else in my life.  But that is the action of a savage, and I am the ruler of a sovereign nation.  A nation that does not wage illegal wars….

Iron Man: Legacy #5

Secretary General – … next the chair welcomes the Honorable Mr. David, Minister for Foreign Affairs for Grenada, addressing climate change–

Dr. Doom – United Nations.  I am not a member of your laughably impotent organization.  Nor do I recognize its — or any authority — over me.  But I trust the world’s degenerate for-profit news media even less.  So I choose to inform you via one-way sonogram that due to the crush of Romani refugees overwhelming Latveria’s borders… and the countless atrocities perpetrated against my people by the Slav paramilitaries, which you have shamefully turned a blind eye too… Latveria engages in a preemptive invasion of Transia as we speak.  And not long after this message is received… the annexation should be a fait accompli.

Choice Quotes

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DoomWar #5

Reed – We have nothing that is actionable in world court.  To invade Latveria without substantive proof would be an act of war.

T’Challa – I don’t care about proving it, Reed.  This has gone too far to play politics.

X-Campus #1

Professor Magnus – Democracy is a misunderstanding but it’s not up tp us to make people see that!

Choice Quotes

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Here’s this week’s batch of quotes that prove comics isn’t just for kids these days.

Captain America/Black Panther: Flags of Our Fathers #2

Captain America – I think this war will cause a lot of Americans to rethink their attitudes.  You can’t go to war with a bunch of jerks who call themselves the master race and turn around and do the same thing back home.

Black Panther – Evil is only allowed to flourish when good men do nothing to stop it.  As a symbol of your country your actions take on great weight.  The true test of your ideals come when the war is over.

Captain America – What do you mean?

Black Panther – A nation at war has an enemy to unify them.  A nation with no enemy… often looks for one within it’s own borders.

Superman: War of the Supermen #1

Alura – Reactron is a prisoner of the state, and he has information necessary for the protection of our people —

Kara – “Our people”?  Have you lost your freaking mind?  You’ve been torturing someone down here, mom!  Someone you sent me to Earth to bring back to New Krypton.  That makes me responsible for him.  Just as it makes me complicit in a war crime.

Alura – If I have to go to extreme measures to get information out of him — information that will keep our planet safe — it’s worth it.

Choice Quotes

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Captain America #605

Captain UnAmerican – You really don’t see, do you?  This country’s at war, and most of you don’t even know it.  And I’m not talking about the Middle East, I’m talking right here in America.  I don’t even recognize this place anymore, and you shouldn’t either.

G.I. Joe #155 1/2

Zartan – They managed to get right up to the steps of the Capitol, where they read their manifesto… the usual clap-trap about abolishing the Federal Government and taxes, deregulating darn-near everything, and instituting a completely unfettered free-market economy.

the Invincible Iron Man #25

Justine Hammer – A quarter of a million Euros of expense to create an autonomous, anonymous, asymmetrical declaration of war.

Iron Man/Thor

Scientist – The moon is the new Club Med, the new Monaco, the new Dubai.

Tony Stark – Yeah, Dubai’s not doing so hot these days.


Tony Stark – Ever hear the expression that you go to war with the army you’ve got?


Scientist – This is a sovereign state!  You’re trespassing on private property!

The Last Days of American Crime #2

Paul – …the anniversary of the day of infamy, when six American cities fell victim to cowards with dirty bombs.  We lost ten million humans, Nancy.  You and your elitist “progressives” would prefer what, that we continue to live with those types of threats constantly hanging over our heads?

Nancy – You hold this anniversary up as a justification for mind control?  There is no such thing as security, Paul.

Choice Quotes

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Each week we bring you politically charged quotes from the previous week’s comics.

Chew #10

Vampire – I’ve nothing to do with your proletariat revolution, little man…

DMZ #52

Liberty News – The longstanding preemptive war policy, commonly called “The Bush Doctrine,” while not originally designed to apply domestically, is now the de facto law of the land… “To defeat them in the purest military sense of the term.” is the soundbite on every pundits lips these recent days.

Iron Man: Legacy #1

Protester – From the same corporate spokes-liars who brought you “clean coal” and “safe nuclear power”… we now have Stark’s “arc reactor”… which some researchers say will create a black hole on Long Island the minute it’s turned on!  Well we say this is America!  We have the greatest energy system in the world!


Tony Stark –  These mean were identified as mercenaries for the Eaglestar Corporation… hired by Americans for Energy Awareness the quote-unquote “grassroots” group that organizes today’s protests… which my investigators have found is funded by big oil lobbyists Matville & Carlin…


Tony Stark – … and we will not be scared away by, uh… phony “astroturf” organizations!

Choice Quotes

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Here’s this week’s quotes showing that comics aren’t just for kids anymore.  Everything from war and abortion to free speech were touched upon.

DMZ #51

Liberty News 24/7 – A special session of Congress has convened to petition the United Nations, a body that the United States was forced to quit at the start of the war, for support in a renewed mission to not merely contain the Free States movement…. but, in the words of an unnamed source on the senior staff, “To defeat them in the fullest military sense of the term.”

Ex Machina #48

January – It skeeves me out whenever a dude tries to parlay any kind of success into a political career.  There’s only one reason guys like that get into Government.  It starts with “p” and ryhmes with “pussy.”


January – Then what’s his angle?  I mean, are there any issues he even cares about?  I’ve just seen that one commercial where he spouts a bunch of platitudes about building bridges.  Like, how pro-choice is he?

Journal – I don’t know actually.

January – You don’t know where he stands on abortion?

Journal – I’m not a single-issue voter January.

Green Hornet #2

Metro Staffer – Deanley just passed Scanlon in the latest poll.

Britt Reid – By how much?

Metro Staffer – Twelve points.  You sure you wanna continue to back the lame-duck Mayor in his re-election bid?


Britt Reid – That’s not what I’m talking about, Frank.  I’m talking about their sizable donations to your re-election campaign.

Frank Scanlon – They’re entitled to their opinion on who’d they’d like to see running this city just like everyone else, aren’t they?

Prelude to Deadpool Corps. #5

Deadpool – Dude, this is a recipe for a spaceship in the face.  No way.  Don’t you remember Tiananmen Square, that guy standing in front of the tanks?  This is our chance for the Intergalactic History Books.  A lone hero against the might of an imperial–

Unwritten #11

Lizzie – It was a novel written by a Jew from a Jewish perspective.  It became the most successful anti-semitic movie of all time.

Friday Fun – U.S. Racism and You

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In 1942 the U.S. War Department produced a comic strip entitled How to Spot a Jap.  It was a part of 75 page booklet called a Pocket Guide to China.  It was handed out to U.S. Army and Navy soldiers stationed in China during World War II.

The comic strip was removed in subsequent printings of the pocket guide starting in 1944.

Pocket Guide to ChinaPocket Guide to China

Pocket Guide to ChinaPocket Guide to China

You can read the full comic at http://www.ep.tc/howtospotajap/howto01.html.

Thanks for http://www.ep.tc/ and it’s amazing collection of these fantastic nuggets of history.
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