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Greg Capullo marks the Death and Rebirth of Moon Knight with two variant covers

Announced last week, Jed MacKay and Alessandro Cappuccio’s hit run of Moon Knight is gearing up for a radical transformation! In December’s Moon Knight #30, Marc Spector will reach an untimely end at the hands of Black Spectre, but the Midnight Mission lives on in January’s Vengeance of the Moon Knight #1 where an all-new Moon Knight rises! Bathed in mystery, this dark new era of the character promises to be a monumental turning point for the Moon Knight mythos and superstar artist Greg Capullo is here to ring it in with new variant covers!

The legendary artist, known for his prolific work throughout the industry, returned to Marvel Comics this year. With a multitude of variant covers ahead, fans can look forward to seeing Capullo bring their favorite Marvel characters to life in his iconic style. Also available as virgin variant covers, Capullo’s new covers for Moon Knight #30, and Vengeance of the Moon Knight #1 gives readers a final look at Marc Spector’s classic costume before the new, more brutal Moon Knight emerges to take his place!

Long live the Knight! Vengeance of the Moon Knight launches in January

After the death of Moon Knight… comes his vengeance. Starting next month, readers will witness Marc Spector’s dramatic final moments play out in Moon Knight #28-30, but writer Jed MacKay and artist Alessandro Cappuccio’s mission is far from over! At the start of the new year, the acclaimed creative team’s bold era of Moon Knight enters its next phase in Vengeance of the Moon Knight #1!

Over the course of 30 issues, MacKay and Cappuccio have revitalized the Moon Knight mythos with the introduction of a new fist of Khonshu, Hunter’s Moon; the return of Moon Knight’s archenemy, Black Spectre; and an exciting new calling for Marc Spector at the Midnight Mission! Now, this blockbuster run reaches an explosive turning point as the pieces fall into place for Moon Knight’s ultimate demise. When the dust settles, a new avatar of Khonshu’s wrath will awaken! Complete with a new look and an unquenchable thirst for battle, this mysterious new Moon Knight emerges to take Marc’s place in Vengeance of the Moon Knight–a deadlier Lunar Legionnaire for the dark times ahead!

Clad in the black of mourning, the Midnight Mission remains! But who is left to keep the faith? And how have they been changed by the Black Spectre’s master stroke? The next chapter of Moon Knight starts here as the congregants of the Midnight Mission pick up the pieces and carry on the mission…and find themselves faced with a mysterious new enemy in eerily familiar vestments.

Right now, fans can check out superstar artist David Finch’s Vengeance of the Moon Knight #1 cover as well as Cappuccio’s original design sheet for the new Moon Knight. Be there for the tragic end of Marc Spector, beginning in next month’s Moon Knight #28, and then behold a stunning rebirth of the Moon Knight mantle in Vengeance of the Moon Knight #1 in January! 

Vengeance Of The Moon Knight #10 Sells Out And Returns With Second Printing!

Official Press Release

Vengeance Of The Moon Knight #10 Sells Out And Returns With Second Printing!

Marvel is pleased to announce Vengeance Of The Moon Knight #10 has sold out at Diamond (though copies may still be available at the retail level) and will return with Vengeance Of The Moon Knight #10 Second Printing Variant! Moon Knight embarks on his first adventure with Steve Rogers’ new super-team – the Secret Avengers! When Captain Barracuda and his crew of misfits hijack a tanker carrying two million barrels of crude oil, it’s up to Moon Knight and The Secret Avengers to take the pirate down!

Vengeance Of The Moon Knight has everyone talking!

“…we get a terrific adventure that acts as the perfect supplement to Secret Avengers and sets the stage for Moon Knight’s own journey towards redemption. Easily my biggest surprise of the week, pick up Moon Knight #10 if you find yourself at the comic shop looking for something new to try.” – Miguel Perez, IGN.com

“I continue to be absolutely floored by the amount of detail Ryp is able to pack into a single panel, let alone a whole page…I just want to frame every piece, because these characters are absolutely popping out of genuine environments – – not generic impressions.” – Zack Freeman, ComicVine.com

Can a newly-reformed solo act like Moon Knight handle the responsibilities of playing for the big leagues? Or will the White Knight wash out after the first mission? Find out in Vengeance Of The Moon Knight #10 Second Printing Variant!



Pencils and Cover by JUAN JOSE RYP

Parental Advisory …$2.99

FOC – 7/29/10, On-Sale – 8/18/10

Veangance of the Moon Knight #10 2nd Printing

Preview – Moon Knight Joins The Secret Avengers!

Official Press Release

Moon Knight Joins The Secret Avengers!

The Heroic Age is here and Moon Knight’s made a shocking decision—he’s a member of the Secret Avengers! In Vengeance of The Moon Knight #10, from fan favorites Gregg Hurwitz and Juan Jose Ryp, you can discover just what happened on Moon Knight’s first mission with Steve Rogers new Avengers—and what it means for the future of Marvel’s hottest new team!



Penciled by JUAN JOSE RYP


Parental Advisory …$2.99

FOC-6/17/10, -On-Sale—7/8/10

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