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Kickstarter Spotlight: The Broken Frontier Anthology

bfanthology_RRodriguezcoverby Tyler Chin-Tanner

The Broken Frontier anthology brings together some of the brightest talents in mainstream and indie comics today, to tell their own stories about pushing beyond the limits and exploring the great unknown.

All the stories in the anthology are completely creator-owned which means that writers and artists have the freedom to explore new concepts, or finally tell that one story that’s been bouncing around in their heads for years. And judging by the response we got from so many established creators, it’s pretty clear that projects like this are vital in the comics industry.

I’ve always enjoyed the freedom of independent publishing and have done my best work under those conditions. Here at Graphic Policy I was given a very positive review for my last graphic novel, American Terrorist, which was about protest and revolution in the U.S. My new story for the Broken Frontier anthology, The Wall, also has some political undertones, but they’re set in an alternate dystopian universe.

bfanthology_bookplateBut don’t worry, I won’t let politics get in the way of a good story. And I’m working with the amazing Toby Cypress (White Suits, Rodd Racer) on this and he’s known for his fast lines and dynamic artwork, so he’ll make sure we keep the pace up.

I can say with total conviction that I’m excited about each and every story in the anthology. Greg Pak and Tom Raney have a soldier with a phantom limb fighting against ghosts. David Hine and Mark Stafford are setting the scene for an existential murder mystery. Fred Van Lente and Alison Sampson are exploring some interesting cultural norms with their female superhero. Marguerite Bennett is telling a tale of folk lore with a park ranger in Alaska. And I’ve already read all of Noah Van Sciver’s story, Down In A Hole, as that one’s in the can. What a great story!

I know this is going to be an incredible book, one that really resonates with readers as something that goes beyond your typical anthology. But we need to fund this project in order to make it happen.

While we’re no longer picking crowd funding projects to spotlight on our site, we’re allowing project creators to make their case for their project on our platform. We remind individuals, we don’t endorse any of these projects, and that by supporting any crowd funding project, you’re taking any risks associated with doing so. – the Management


NYCC 11 – Review – American Terrorist Chapter 1 and 2

Leading up to New York Comic Con, writer Tyler Chin-Tanner was nice enough to hook me up with the first seven issues if his debuting series, American Terrorist.  I’ve gotten through the first two and can’t wait to read the rest.

The comic follows a newspaper reporter whose life spirals out of control as the stories he follows gets him watched by the FBI and eventually branded a terrorist.  The comic isn’t exactly what I thought it’d be, which was a focus on a domestic terrorist and their motivation, instead it’s a comedy of errors that gets Owen Graham into trouble.

Much like thousands of Americans, he unjustly is identified and branded a person of interest.  All he’s been doing is his job, which is a reporter.  This leads to an overzealous FBI agent chasing him across the country and a conflict at the end of the second issue that is best to not give away.

But the main focus of the series, so far is how three innocent individuals are wrongly identified and branded as terrorists.  They all happen into this in their own way, two through their job, one through mental issues.  It’s a great statement as to where we as Americans are and a solid reminder that we’re all a simple mistake away from being watched and branded an enemy of the state.

Story: Tyler and Wendy Chin-Tanner Art: Andy MacDonald Publisher: Wave Blue World

Story: 8.5 Art: 8.5 Overall: 8.5 Recommendation: Buy

Wave Blue World provided Graphic Policy a FREE copy for review

NYCC 11 – American Terrorist Released at NYCC 2011

Official Press Release

American Terrorist Released at NYCC 2011

“We are all Americans, and we are all suffering under the same broken system.”

–Michael, American Terrorist

A Wave Blue World announces the release of their new graphic novel, American Terrorist, at the New York Comic Con this October 13-16 at Small Press table 2542.  Cover

American Terrorist is the story of average Americans who get fed up with the system and start their own revolution. It is a 214-page graphic novel written by Tyler & Wendy Chin-Tanner (Adrenaline) and drawn by Andy MacDonald (Punisher, Terminator)

The NYCC release will feature a limited run of the black and white edition. A full color version will be digitally released at the same time through online retailers such as Comics by Comixology. The color art was done by Matt Wilson (Wonder Woman, Wolverine) and Michael Wiggam (Star Wars).

A war has been waged against the American people. It’s a covert war, one that those in power hope will go unnoticed, but day by day, jobs, homes, pensions, healthcare coverage, quality of life, and civil liberties are taken away, while the gap between the haves and the have-nots grows wider and wider.

With no way out, four activists become fugitives from the law and go on the offensive against corruption and injustice. Sharing their story with the nation using social media, they inspire their followers to rise up and reclaim their country.

For more information on the release or on how to obtain a print copy of the graphic novel, please visit www.awaveblueworld.com.
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