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Review – Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne

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We knew this would happen the second he was presented as “dead.”  Sooner or later, Bruce Wayne would return.  Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne #1 by DC is the beginning of the journey as Wayne begins his journey through time.  Written by Grant Morrison there’s a lot I liked about the series, and a lot I hated.

The problem as a whole for DC, to me, is the history is very dense.  If you don’t know it, there’s a lot you don’t get.  This knowledge of continuity often makes or breaks issues, and in this case it comes close to breaking it.

The issue picks up on the heals of Final Crisis.  The series picks up as Bruce is paying his respects to Anthro as Anthro’s tribe investigates who the mysterious man in the cave is.  It’s another Morrison take on the superhero mythology and man vs. god.  The problem is, if you didn’t read Final Crisis, this would go over your head.

There’s other references to earlier Morrison work that he’s been building upon, and if you know those, you’ll really dig this.  If you don’t, or know some, you might not enjoy it as much.

It’s the perfect example of “DC dense.”  Here’s hoping for a more open and accessible Batman post his return.

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