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Magnetic Press has Reopened Their Webstore for Fans and Retailers

At the start of the year, the former Lion Forge imprint The Magnetic Collection returned to its status as a full-service publisher under the David Steward II founded Polarity holding company, which also operates Lion Forge Comics and Oni Press. Today, the publisher reopens its Magnetic Press webstore, offering introductory discounts on backlist titles, new releases, exclusive merchandise, and the ability to preorder upcoming releases directly.

The Magnetic Press webstore launches today with introductory discounts ranging from 25-51% off retail prices for most items, a robust reward-point system, and several upcoming titles available for direct pre-order to receive directly upon their imminent release, including GenPet by Damian and Alex Fuentes, Streamliner by Fane, and Gunland by Captain Artiglio. Other new 2020 titles include the dystopic fantasy Nils: The Tree of Life by Jerome Hamon and Antoine Carrion, the continuation of sci-fi series Infinity 8 by Lewis Trondheim, and the return of the popular series KLAW by Ozanam and Jurion. More titles will be announced in the coming months, with Magnetic offering something for all ages across genres and formats.

Independently established in 2014 by Mike Kennedy, former publisher of Archaia Entertainment, Magnetic Press was acquired by Lion Forge in October of 2016 and rebranded as The Magnetic Collection. Magnetic received numerous accolades in their first five years of operation, including 17 Eisner Award nominations over their first four consecutive years of eligibility.

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