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NECA/WizKids Announce New Puzzle Strategy Game, Connect With Pieces

NECA/WizKids is taking puzzle gaming to a new level, announcing Connect With Pieces, an upcoming puzzle building platform and game combining strategy and challenge designed by Joel Weinshanker, president and COO at NECA and board game designer Mike Elliott.

Unlike traditional puzzle games, in Connect With Pieces there is more than one way to play for a varied experience. While the ultimate goal is to match all puzzle pieces in a way that garners the most points, Connect With Pieces requires strategy as each piece has five possible combinations, with most fitting in more than one location on the board.

For an added challenge, each piece is embossed with one of five special symbols, that when placed in a particular pattern will earn players bonus points or allow them to block opponents.

Connect With Pieces, available now nationwide MSRP $12.99 USD, is designed for all ages and incorporates themes from several popular franchises, including a Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit and Twilight edition available at launch.

Coinciding with the announcement, NECA/WizKids has also revealed an upcoming Connect With Pieces application for iPad, coming soon.

The Hobbit Rules the Box Office

Hobbit Movie PosterNot unexpectedly The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey ruled the box office this weekend. It’s debut weekend brought in an estimated $84.8 million. That’s a record opening in December. The previous champ, I Am Legend, debuted with $77.2 million.

The best opening Lord of the Rings film, opened with $72 million in it’s initial weekend back in 2003. That was Return of the King, but the film opened on a Wednesday, so not a fair comparison. There’s also the almost decade between the films. Ticket prices have increased as well as price increases for 3D and higher frame rates. In the end, the audience for Return of the King was probably bigger.

The Hobbit has so far earned an “A” CinemaScore from opening weekend crowds (and an even better “A+” rating from younger viewer). Men accounted for 57% of The Hobbit’s audience, which was older, 58% over 25, but with 20% under 18. The movie currently has a 65% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

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