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2009 In Sales

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The Comics Chronicles has an initial review of the 2009 sales figures as provided by Diamond.  With some of December sales figures in it looks like the overall sales for the year was down about 2% or about $10 million.  For the first time though Diamond Distribution and major comic publishers decided to skip the last week of the month.

The overall sales for 2009 looks to be about $428 million compared to 2008’s $436.6 million and 2007’s $430 million.

You can read their full analysis at their website.

The Comics Chronicles – A Decade of Sales Data

The Comics Chronicles is THE website for analysis of the sale of comic books.  They’ve done a breakdown of the last decade in sales using information provided by Diamond Distribution, the main distributor of comic books for the direct market (aka comic book shops).

Amazing Spider-man #583As it shouldn’t be a surprise Marvel is the publisher of the decade with 8 of the top 10 comics and 186 entries in the top 300.  Also, it seems President Obama truly has a golden touch, driving the sale of Amazing Spider-man #583 to the number one spot despite being out only for a year.  Just shy of 525, 000 copies were ordered by comic book shops.  It’d be interesting to compare issues with President Obama and how they compare to other comics of a series without to see how much of a boost the President really provides.

Check out The Comics Chronicles to see the full breakdown of sales (such as best year and best month), as well as a full list of the top 300 comics solid.