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Pennsylvania Men Dream of Rivaling Marvel

Genn Tipton and Frank Dunbar have dreams that one day their comic book company will rival the powerhouses, Marvel and DC.  After receiving some positive feedback at the Baltimore Comic Convention they formed Shot in the Dark Comics in 2007 and have been going since with their passion project.  And since their launch they’ve produced three comic books.

“We hope to one day rival Marvel — not overnight. It’s going to be a long, long time down the road before we can do anything that great, but that’s the plan,” said Tipton.

Shot in the DarkSo far, the company was commissioned to produce The Nightmist Chronicles in honor of the grand-foal of Misty of Chincoteague — Nightmist.  The comic book series was intended to promote the horse during the Chincoteague Pony Swim in 2008.

The second books that came out were Raphael, created by Tipton and Element, which has sold out.

Tired of seeing the same old ideas retread over and over they decided their far superior ideas deserved immortality in the pages of a comic.  “We were tired of the same stale stuff we were seeing in the comic books,” said Tipton. “I think our ideas are a lot more creative than a lot of the stuff we’ve seen recently and that’s why we wanted to create a new comic company.

Raphael and Element will be available at local comic shops within a two-hour radius of Chambersburg and eventually, nationwide. Each comic book will cost about $3.99.