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Bad Karma #2 is Out Now on Panel Syndicate

Ethan and Sully’s quest to put things right goes more and more wrong, earning them the suspicion and anger of loved ones, old colleagues, and new acquaintances, until the two men of violence are forced to fall back on the only thing they know.

Bad Karma #2 by Alex De Campi, Ryan Howe, and Dee Cunniffe is out now on Panel Syndicate. Panel Syndicate is a pay-what-you-want digital platform. The 36-page second issue is available now in English, as usual, for whatever price you want to pay.

Bad Karma #2 cover

Alex De Campi, Ryan Howe, and Dee Cunniffe Launch Bad Karma on Panel Syndicate

Panel Syndicate is celebrating traditional new comic book day with a brand new series from Alex De Campi, Ryan Howe, and Dee Cunniffe. Today sees the debut of their new character-based action/thriller series Bad Karma.

Army veterans Sully and Ethan go on a Christmas road trip to free an innocent man blamed for a mercenary job they did. Turns out nobody’s interested in the truth, but they get very interested in making sure Sully and Ethan don’t live to see the New Year.

The 33-page first issue is available now in English, as usual, for whatever price you want to pay, including 0 (zero) at panelsyndicate.com!

Bad Karma

Preview: Sarah Palin the Graphic Novel

Sarah Palin the Graphic Novel

Price: $3.99
Pages: 54
Writer: Dan Rafter & Neal Bailey
Artist: Nathan Carson & Ryan Howe

In the 2008 US Presidential election, Sarah Palin became a household name.  In this graphic illustrated biography Bluewater presents a critical examination of the life and times of Palin.  From her upbringing in Alaska to being an activist best selling author this graphic novel features her struggles as well as her achievements.   Combining for the first time the sold out comic series “Female Force” featuring Sarah Palin.


Preview: First Family: The Kennedys

First Family: The Kennedys

Writer: Brent Sprecher & Neal Bailey
Artist: Alejandro Figueroa & Ryan Howe

One of the most influential and prominent family in American politics and government.  From Camelot to the present, see the impact that the Ted Kennedy and the last child of the Kennedy dynasty has had in shaping the new America! This comic series has been featured on CNN, Fox News and Politco.



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