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Holy !@#*? Batman!

As reported by numerous sources including the New York Post, LA Times, G4, Comics to Film, Comic Book Resources, and so many more, DC comics has asked retailers to destroy copies of All Star Batman And Robin The Boy Wonder #10. It seems there was a little bit of a printing error in the Frank Miller written, Jim Lee drawn, comic issue that left numerous naughty words in plain site for the reader to enjoy be offended.

The series is not intended for children as other Batman titles might be, but also does not include a “mature reader” label as many other adult comics do.  What DC has really done is not protect our innocent minds, but instead has created an instant collectors item with prices sure to rocket up.

This isn’t the first time DC has recalled an issue with “offending” material in it.  Due to an authentic ad for a Marvel-brand douche, DC executive Paul Levitz ordered the entire print run of issue number 5 of the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen destroyed and reprinted without the advertisement.  Only 100-200 made it out to the public making it one of the rarest modern day comics in existence.