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Funko’s London Toy Fair Reveals Care Bears, Masters of the Universe, and Garbage Pail Kids

London Toy Fair Reveals: Care Bears

Funko is headed to Care-A-Lot with seven of the original Care Bears!

Spread good luck with Good Luck Bear, happiness with Cheer Bear, and love with Love-a-Lot Bear!

Express your feelings with Tenderheart Bear, get a little cynical with Grumpy Bear and be silly with Funshine Bear!

Good Luck Bear has a glitter chase! Cheer Bear, and Funshine Bear will each have glow-in-the-dark chase variants to look for too!

Care Bears, STARE!

Coming in March!
Pre-order now!

London Toy Fair Reveals: Masters of the Universe Pint Size Heroes

By the power of Grayskull, the most powerful man in the universe is now pint sized!

In addition to He-Man, the Heroic Warriors are represented by Battle Cat, Teela, Man-At-Arms, Moss Man, the Sorceress & Orko!

Skeletor’s pint sized Evil Warriors include Panthor, Beast Man, Trap Jaw, and Mer-Man!

You’ll be able to add these Pint Size Heroes to your MOTU collection soon!

Please Note: Final Images Coming Soon.

Coming in Spring!
Pre-order now! 

London Toy Fair Reveals: GPK Pop!

GPK makes its Pop! debut with fan favorites like Clark Can’t, Beastly Boyd, Ghastly Ashley, and Adam Bomb!

Please Note: Final Images Coming Soon.

Coming in May!
Pre-order now!

Pop! Animation: Rick and Morty Series 4 in February

This series of Pop! features new characters and variants from season 3 of Rick and Morty! Including Prison Break Rick, Sentinent Arm Morty, Warrior Summer, and leader of the Death-Stalkers, Hemorrhage.

Look for the bloody chase of Sentinent Arm Morty, a rarity of 1-in-6!

Pop! Animation: Rick and Morty Series 4 are out in February from Funko.

Look for Rick (Facehugger) only at GameStop!

Dragon Ball Super Pop!s in January

Dragon Ball Super is now coming to Pop!

This series features Whis, complete with his scepter, Zamasu shown with his white mohawk, and the well-mannered Future Trunks.

Rounding out the series comes Goku Black, wearing his Potara earring on his left ear!

Collect them all this Winter when Pop! Animation: Dragon Ball Super are out this January.

This series would not be complete without exclusives!
Gotenks is a Previews Exclusive, find at your local comic shop!

SS Future Trunks can be found only at Hot Topic!

Hit is available exclusively at Toys “R” Us!

Find a glow version of Zamasu, only at Walmart!

Please Note: Final Images Coming Soon.

Funko Coming Soon: Rick & Morty Series 3 Pop!s

Funko can’t get enough of Adult Swim’s hit series Rick & Morty.

The latest series of Pop! vinyl includes the self-conscious Scary Terry, teenager Summer, and parents Beth and Jerry – Beth is complete with wine glass. Rounding out the series comes Lawyer Morty!

Get schwifty and add them to your collection this Fall. Pop! Animation: Rick & Morty Series 3 is out in November.

Final Images Coming Soon.

Pop! Animation: Smurfs Come to Shelves this August

They live in mushroom-shaped houses deep in the forest. The Smurfs, these three apple high creatures are now receiving the Pop! vinyl treatment!

This series features the gentle and wise Papa Smurf, the original female Smurf – Smurfette, the intellectual and annoyance of the group Brainy Smurf, and Astro Smurf who is also known as Dreamy Smurf.

Watch out for Purple Smurf, as this Smurf has been infected by the Bzz fly. Rounding out our series is the evil wizard Gargamel, complete with his cat Azrael.

Pop! Animation: Smurfs are out this August from Funko.

Pop! Animation: Seraph of the End in March

The latest additions to the Pop! vinyl family are the children of the hit anime and manga series Seraph of the End!

Collect Yuichiro and his fellow orphans Mikaela and Shinoa, as well as Ferid, the vampire responsible for killing Yuichiro’s family!

Look for exclusive figures, like Demon Yuichiro (available only at Hot Topic), and Shinoa with her weapon (only at GameStop)!

Coming soon from Funko! Pop! Animation: Seraph of the End are out in March.

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