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Preview – Fathom Blue Descent #3

Official Press Release


Since its debut in 1999, fans of Michael Turner’s Fathom have been asking a multitude of questions regarding the title’s lead heroine. How did Aspen Matthews come to have a mother from The Blue and a father from the ancient race known only as “The Black? How did Killian come up with the concept for his Blue Sun attack?  And, perhaps the question asked most often, where did Aspen’s necklace come from and what secrets does it hold? In Fathom Blue Descent #3, all these questions and more will be answered.

In the long-awaited issue 3 of the hit mini-series Fathom: Blue Descent, fans will finally learn exactly what Aspen’s beloved necklace is…and what it can do.  Those answers could end up having a massive impact on Aspen Matthew’s future – if she’s ever able to actually figure out how to use the necklace properly.

Fathom: Blue Descent is a prequel to the overall Fathom series according to Aspen MLT’s Editor-in-Chief Vince Hernandez: “The idea was to go back and tell the secret history that Michael Turner had always alluded to, but had never quite revealed within the pages of the first three volumes.  I think the fans are gonna be incredibly blown away when all of those secrets stemming out of issue three–all as part of a compelling, gripping story and with truly gorgeous art.”

Michael Turner’s Fathom: Blue Descent #3, the penultimate chapter, will be in stores on August 24th. Written by David B. Schwartz, with art by Alex Sanchez, colors by John Starr and Peter Steigerwald, and covers by Michael Turner, Alex Sanchez and Nick Bradshaw.

For more information on Fathom and Aspen Comics please check www.aspencomics.com and www.aspenstore.com.



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