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Pandora: End of Days

Official Press Release

PANDORA: End of Days
Story: Peter J. Ang  /  Art: Jin Song Kim
The past ten years have proven to be the great comeback decade of the zombie films.
Almost as if Hollywood decided to forgive and forget the not-so-graceful burnout of the infamous genre during the late 1980s, a decisive reboot of Romero’s legacy was inevitable.
The first Resident Evil movie in 2002 spawned a series of zombie-related films released to satiate the hunger of millions of survival-horror fans the world over.
But what about in comics?
AMC’s major hit TV miniseries, The Walking Dead, propelled sales of the graphic novels on which it was based to the top of the charts and encouraged comic-book creators nationwide to pick up a shotgun and take aim at their own vision of a zombie-infested apocalypse.
Appropriately setting the story in 2012, Real Interface Studios released a brand-new, 200-page graphic novel on May 9th that depicted its own zombie-horror twist on the popular upcoming Mayan apocalypse legend.
The violent outbreak, illustrated with gorgeous, manga-style artwork by Jin Song Kim, isn’t started by some mysterious virus this time. Instead the story delves into the consequences of combining man’s reckless nature with archeology, which results in an ancient plague being released upon the modern world in Pandora: End of Days Volume #1.
Having already sold one thousand copies on Barnes & Nobles during its first month of publication and soaring to the top two ranking in Amazon.com’s graphic-novel horror category, this is a must-read for survival-horror and zombie/Apocalypse fans or anyone in need of a great thriller. Additionally, the book also provides instructions on how to enter in a unique Giveaway Contest!
Pandora: End of Days Volume #1 is available to read on your desktop and on most mobile e-reader devices, tablets, and smart phones with the barnesandnoble.com‘s NOOK App or on Amazon.com’s Kindle.
Find out more on the official Web site at www.pandora-eod.com