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Trailer for Somebody’s Hero

Out on Father’s Day, June 17, 2012! www.SomebodysHeroMovie.com

An average accountant (Chris Gorham) tries fighting crime dressed in a superhero costume to win over his new girlfriend and inspire her son, who’s recovering from the loss of his dad.

In this heart-warming comedy, Dennis (Christopher Gorham of Covert Affairs, Ugly Betty), an average New York City accountant, goes unnoticed by everyone including his co-workers and boss. When he meets his new client; a beautiful young widow Katie (Susan Misner of Gossip Girl), and her son Jake who’s fascinated with the movie superhero ‘Man-America’, Dennis takes an instant shine to them. On his way home he stops in a costume shop to try on a ‘Man-America’ uniform to surprise Jake with. When he steps out of the dressing room in costume he finds himself in the middle of an armed robbery and clumsily takes on the criminal. When the dust settles, Dennis is left a little bruised, the thug is gone and the robbery has been thwarted! Dennis thinks nothing of it, but when security camera footage hits the news it causes a media frenzy. Everyone wants to know “who is Man America” and “when is he coming back?!” Apparently like young Jake, the rest of New York City too needs a superhero to believe in. Now inspired, this average guy tries to become the superhero everyone wants him to be, armed with nothing but a silly costume and a total lack of super powers.


Christopher Gorham
Susan Misner
Ben Hyland
Novella Nelson
Arthur Nascarella
Pamela Shaw

Written & Directed by Darin Beckstead