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Kickstarter Spotlight: Jon Eastman’s Murder & Midnight

It’s been a while since we’ve done a Kickstarter Spotlight. As a whole the service has been spotty for me with projects not meeting expectations, arriving late, or even falling through. As a whole I felt it was hard as a site to highlight, and ask individuals to back projects with their hard earned money, especially when it can go so poorly. I felt some responsibility for those choices.

That being said, we get a lot of requests from individuals to promote their projects. I have decided that a good compromise is to allow individuals to make their case, open our platform to them to do so.



Graphic Policy does not endorse any project, and remind individuals about the risks they take by doing so.

– Brett (aka the Management)

MMTITLE1At its core, Murder & Midnight is the story of a man who wants to forget his past and live out his life in peace. But some pasts aren’t meant to be forgotten…

The main character, Raith, is a mysterious man from the war-torn mainland who travels as far as any ship can take him – to a distant island at the edge of the world, his only companions his two black birds. It’s not known who Raith is, how he came by the strange symbol burned into his hand, what affliction causes him to constantly sip a flask of an unknown elixir, or how it is he’s able to communicate with his pets with a mere thought… but one thing’s for certain, he’s been damaged in every way a man can be: mind, body and soul.

For a time, it seems like his luck has changed, and Raith finds a home with a farmer and his young niece. But when the medicine that eases Raith’s waking nightmares runs low, he must find the key ingredient or face the demons that threaten to drive him to madness. And all the while, unknown to him, the past he so desperately wanted to escape is headed his way…

Murder & Midnight: Book One is the first volume in a fantasy adventure trilogy written by Jon Eastman (creator of 13 Legends, funded on Kickstarter in 2012) and beautifully illustrated by the artist, David Ward, and lettered by Kelly Eastman. An incredible amount of time and dedication have gone into every aspect of this project – from the story development, script, concepts, interior artwork, the website built from scratch, all the way up to the design of the printed book.

4From the beginning, we’ve wanted more than anything for the story to be read and enjoyed. That’s why we’ve been releasing Murder & Midnight serialized for free online (www.murdermidnight.com) since 2013. The positive comments we’ve received from readers along the way have helped keep the morale high. It’s a long road to go in a vacuum.

But the thing is, while we support the online version wholeheartedly, the story was always meant to be read in print. The pacing, the page layout, the tactile nature of the art – all of it screams BOOK!

Which brings us to Kickstarter!

The pages are 95% ready to go to print, and now we’re hoping is to raise the funds required to create a top quality 144 page hardcover with premium paper – to really make this book a beautiful object that houses a timeless story.

If you like fantasy, adventure, magic and monsters, or stories about human frailty and friendship, sacrifice and redemption, and characters that inhabit the fuzzy gray areas of life that lie between right and wrong, then we invite you to have a look at Murder & Midnight.