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Preview: Doctor Who: The Ninth Doctor #2


Writers: Cavan Scott
Artist: Adriana Melo
Colorist: Matheus Lopes
Letterer: Richard Starkings and Comicraft’s Jimmy Betancourt
Cover A: Mark Wheatley
Cover B: Photo
Cover C: Adriana Melo
Cover D: Blair Shedd
Cover E: Stephen Byrne
FC – 32PP – $3.99 – On Sale: May 25

The ongoing adventures of the Doctor, Rose and Captain Jack continue, as Part 2 of ‘DOCTORMANIA’ confronts the three with a solar system wide conspiracy, an intergalactic crime family, a murderous case of acid rain, and, more importantly, the return of an unexpected old foe in a hideous new guise!


Preview: Doctor Who: The Eleventh Doctor #2.9


Writers: Si Spurrier & Rob Williams
Artist: Warren Pleece
Colorist: Hi-Fi
Letterer: Comicraft
Cover A: Mark Wheatley
Cover B: Photo Subscription – Will Brooks
Cover C: Eleonora Carlini
FC – 32PP – $3.99 – On Sale: May 18

The attacks on the TARDIS reach fever pitch. The Doctor’s only hope for survival is to track down the mysterious ‘Cabal’ who have been haunting his steps. Were they active in the Time War? Do they still exist? Meanwhile, Alice is forced to make a decision that could wipe her from the timeline forever!


The Three Stooges #1 Arrives in February Previews

The Three StoogesThe Three Stooges are coming back to comics in April 2016 and, for the first time ever, their comic book incarnations will be produced with their actual likenesses rather than cartoon-inspired versions. It will also mark the 70th anniversary of the last original shorts filmed featuring Larry, Moe and Curly.

Under license from C3 Entertainment, American Mythology Productions (AM) will launch The Three Stooges as a full-color, 32-page comic book featuring their return to the printed page. The Boys will be featured in the comics section of the February 2016 edition of PREVIEWS from Diamond Comic Distributors, listed under “American Mythology Productions,” on pages #280 – 281. It carries a $3.99 U.S. cover price.

The new adventures of Larry, Moe and Curly will be produced by an array of creators including S.L. Gallant, Bill Galvan, Greg Larocque, Mark Wheatley, Brendon & Brian Fraim, Andrew Pepoy, S.A. Check, J.C. Vaughn, and Mark L. Haynes, among others. Each creator participating in the program is a huge fan of The Three Stooges and is excited to be telling stories that honor their legacy.

Wheatley, Hempel Lead Insight Studios to Baltimore Comic-Con

Pow BamMark Wheatley and Marc Hempel, the creative pioneers who launched Blood of the Innocent, Mars, and numerous other creations, will explore things a little closer to home with their appearance at the Baltimore Comic-Con, September 25-27, 2015 at the Baltimore Convention Center. This is the sixteenth annual Baltimore Comic-Con, and this marks Insight Studios Groups‘ sixteenth straight appearance at the show. They will be joined by studio mates Jerry Carr, G. D. Falksen, Allan Gross, and Evelyn Kriete.

Despite vibrant and incredibly varied solo careers, Mark Wheatley and Marc Hempel have been frequent, highly successful collaborators. Their work together has included Tarzan, Jonny Quest, Titanic Tales, and Doctor Cyborg, among other projects. They are presently at work on a fully restored and lavishly produced re-issue of their acclaimed graphic novel Breathtaker for Titan Comics. Long out of print, it was originally serialized and then collected into a best-selling trade paperback by DC Comics’ Vertigo imprint 20 years ago. Their work, both together and separately, was extensively profiled in IS Art: The Art of Insight Studios.

BreathtakeerOn his own, Mark Wheatley has most recently had his work for CBS Television featured on The Millers and Super Clyde, and he’s presently part of a team that is developing a live stage show featuring Dick Tracy, Tarzan and the Green Hornet. In print, his work has been featured in the acclaimed Jungle Tales Of Tarzan from Dark Horse Comics, on the cover of the Meteor House release of Exiles Of Kho, the Phillip Jose Farmer series novel by Christopher Paul Carey, and his own well-received new art book, Stars, which presents elaborate line art portraits of actors, musicians, and authors. With a track record that includes Frankenstein Mobster, Radical Dreamer, Return of the Human, Hammer of the Gods, EZ Street, Skultar, and Lone Justice, Wheatley is an Inkpot, Mucker, Gem, Speakeasy, and Eisner award-winning creator. He has lectured at the Library of Congress, exhibited at the Norman Rockwell Museum, created set pieces for The Black Eyed Peas, designed for Lady Gaga, and contributed designs to ABC’s Beauty and the Beast. He will be announcing an innovative new project at the show in collaboration with studio members G. D. Falksen and Evelyn Kriete.

“America’s Most Beloved Semi-Obscure Cartoonist,” writer-illustrator Marc Hempel, grew up in the northwest suburbs of Chicago and now resides in Baltimore, Maryland, where he plies his craft on such diverse projects ranging from his own Gregory, Tug & Buster, and Naked Brain to Disney Adventures, and from Clive Barker’s Hellraiser to “The Kindly Ones” in Neil Jerry CarrGaiman’s The Sandman. Hempel’s art has also appeared in MAD, Marvel Fanfare, Epic Illustrated, Heavy Metal, Flinch, My Faith in Frankie, The Dreaming, Lucifer, Munden’s BarNickelodeon Magazine, and a 21-page Escapist story for Dark Horse Comics. His series The Love Brothers has appeared in Aces Weekly.

Cryptozoo Crew artist Jerry Carr will debut a select number of large and small stretched canvas prints, illustrating a variety of furkini-clad jungle heroines and the monkeys who love them. At the Baltimore Comic-Con, he will also unveil new, limited edition poster prints, depicting all kinds of alien, primate, and reptilian critters. His and Allan Gross’ Cryptozoo Crew has been optioned by Alcon Entertainment.

GD FalksenG. D. Falksen is an author, lecturer, public speaker, and MC. He also studies history and has consulted for Disney. He is the author of The Ouroboros Cycle series and The Transatlantic Conspiracy, a YA mystery novel forthcoming from Soho Teen. Other fiction includes The Strange Case of Mr. Salad MondayCinema U, An Unfortunate Engagement, and The Mask of Tezcatlipoca. He is also a voice actor and co-writer for the animated film Hullabaloo and an accompanying educational series titled Ask The Professor.

In addition to Cryptozoo Crew, Allan Gross has written for comic book companies including DC Comics, Dark Horse, and TokyoPop, as well as the Tarzan newspaper strip for United Features Syndicate, and cartoons for television. He wrote Road Song, the Doctor Cyborg graphic novels The Clone Conspiracy and Outpatient, and the novella “Bride of the Beast HullabalooMan” in Titanic Tales, collaborated on the writing and editing of Gray Morrow: Visionary, and wrote the definitive retrospective on Insight Studios, IS Art: The Art of Insight Studios. He recently launched a successful Kickstarter project for his new quirky graphic novel, Life’s Questions Answered, and he’ll have a special signed, pre-publication edition available at the show.

Evelyn Kriete is an editor, producer, artist, stylist, marketing adviser, social media strategist, and new media coordinator. She is also a crowdfunding consultant for Indiegogo and Comicmix. Through crowdfunding, she has raised over $1 million for various projects, including the animated film Hullabaloo, which she is producing alongside film creator James Lopez. She has previously worked on the staff of literary publications such as Weird Tales and Sherlock Holmes Mystery Magazine.

Baltimore Comic-Con 2014: Insight Studios Group Heads to the Convention

markwheatlyFrom the early Vertigo hit Breathtaker to CBS TV’s hit series The Millers, and from First Comics’ Mars to the cutting edge digital presentation of Return of the Human in Aces Weekly, Baltimore‘s own Insight Studios Group has a long track record of breaking new artistic ground. Since Insight’s founding in 1978, Blood of the Innocent, Tug & Buster, Doctor Cyborg, EZ Street, Lone Justice, Gregory, Radical Dreamer, Jonny Quest, Tarzan, and many other characters, concepts, and adventures have flowed from the pens, pencils, keyboards, and brushes of the studios’ creators.

lovebrothersAnchored by Insight Studios founders Mark Wheatley (Frankenstein Mobster) and Marc Hempel (Sandman: The Kindly Ones), the group has always viewed the Baltimore Comic-Con as sort of their home base, an annual gathering of studio members even as the studios’ reach expanded across many different states. The fifteenth edition of the Baltimore Comic-Con – which marks the fifteenth time Insight has set up at the show – sees the convention roster growing to include longtime studio member Allan Gross (Road Song), writer-director Robert Tinnell (The Wicked West), and newcomer Darrenn Canton (Tunnels & Trolls) in addition to Wheatley and Hempel. And one never knows what Friends of Insight Studios might show up at the Baltimore Convention Center over the September 5-7, 2014 weekend.

Even though 2014 is little more than half over, it’s already been a very full year for the creators who make up the studio. Hempel presented his new series, The Love Brothers, this past year in the digital Aces Weekly, and he and Wheatley are now working with Titan Books to issue a new, restored edition of their Breathtaker graphic novel.

rotyourbrainGross, who is best known as writer of the syndicated Tarzan newspaper strip, has just returned to comics from other media projects. His new graphic novel project reunites him with Wheatley.

Tinnell, in addition to writing the award-winning graphic novel series Flesh & Blood, has been busy with a slate of projects including the just-completed documentary, That $#!% Will Rot Your Brain: How The Monster Kids Transformed Popular Culture.

Canton is the new kid at Insight. A fantasy illustrator, Darrenn will be sketching and painting at the show. He’ll have prints for sale, too, just like his studio mates.

The last year has been a big one for Wheatley in particular. He reached his largest audience ever as his work was featured prominently on the hit CBS comedy The Millers. He co-developed and illustrated the ground-breaking Return Of The Human series for the digital the millerscomics anthology Aces Weekly, created a new Tarzan story for Dark Horse, illustrated covers for comics, provided illustrations for books and magazines, and he just completed a lengthy graphic novel for reality TV king, Thom Beers (Deadliest Catch, Ice Road Truckers) in collaboration with Todd Livingston.

Baltimore Comic-Con will be held Friday, September 5 through Sunday, September 7, 2014, at the Baltimore Convention Center, which is located immediately across the street from the historic Camden Yards sports complex (which includes Oriole Park and Geppi’s Entertainment Museum).

Aces Weekly Volume 3 Starts Today!

Aces Weekly News_page1_image1Volume three of Aces Weekly, the revolutionary digital comic art weekly, begins its seven-issue, seven-week run on Monday, February 4 .

Here’s what you can expect during this volume…

It features a further seven-week installment of Mark Wheatley and JC Vaughan’s, fantastic Return of The Human

Aces Weekly News_page2_image3

Roger Langridge’s, The Fez

Aces Weekly News_page2_image2

Antonio Bifulco and Giuseppe Rungetti’s, Gabriel – Warrior Exorcist

Aces Weekly News_page2_image1
The extraordinary and brilliant Paul Maybury’s, Astori

Aces Weekly News_page3_image3
Another chapter of Ben Dickson and Gavin Mitchell’s Santa Claus Versus The Nazis

Aces Weekly News_page3_image2
Steve Marchant’s, Six Minutes Past Midnight

Aces Weekly News_page3_image1
And a hymn of hope and a very special tribute to New Yorkers from the great creator of the Third World War series Seth TobocmanOne City

Aces Weekly News_page4_image1
Also Marc Hempel, Martin Griffiths, Alberto Jiménez Alburquerque and much more…

That’s seven weekly issues and up to 210 pages of great serials, short stories and extras for just over a dollar a week from www.acesweekly.co.uk

Mark Wheatley, Insight Studios Group Head to Baltimore

Official Press Releasebcc_logo_2011_700px

Mark Wheatley, Insight Studios Group Head to Baltimore

Mark Hempel, Robert Tinnell, and Mike Gold at Baltimore Comic-Con

BALTIMORE, MARYLAND – July 15, 2011 – Eisner, Inkpot, Mucker, Gem, and Speakeasy award-winner Mark Wheatley, architect of Blood of the Innocent and Mars, will be joined by a full slate of creators from Insight Studios Group for this year’s Baltimore Comic-Con, August 20-21, 2011, at the Baltimore Convention Center, which is located directly across the street from Baltimore’s historic Camden Yards sports complex at 1 West Pratt Street, Baltimore, MD 21201.

Insight Studios will represented by Sandman: The Kindly Ones artist and Tug & Buster creator Marc Hempel, EZ Street and The Wicked West writer Robert Tinnell, and former First Comics and DC Comics editor and ComicMix Founder Mike Gold.

From Vertigo’s Breathtaker to IDW’s Lone Justice, from Impact’s The Black Hood to Moonstone’s The Spider, from Comico’s Jonny Quest to Malibu’s Tarzan The Warrior, and from ComicMix’s Hammer of the Gods to his self-published Radical Dreamer, Wheatley’s achievements have been widely recognized in and out of the comics business. His work has been repeatedly included in the annual Spectrum selection of fantastic art and has appeared at The Norman Rockwell Museum, Toledo Museum of Art, Huntington Art Museum, James A. Michener Art Museum, and the Library of Congress, where several of his originals are in the permanent collection. EZ Street, Lone Justice, Mars, Frankenstein Mobster, and Hammer of the Gods are currently available from IDW Publishing.

Among Wheatley’s latest projects, Skultar, has just been announced to start in Dark Horse Presents #7. Written by M.J. Butler, Skultar is a loving (but none-too-kind) send-up of barbarian stories. The Spider: Satan’s Murder Machines collects Norvell Page’s epic crime drama in a deluxe hardcover for the first time with a cover by Wheatley, and The Mark Wheatley Gallery collects a number of the artist’s 2010 13″ x 19″ art prints in book form for the first time.

Blood of the Innocent, which pits Jack the Ripper against Dracula, is presently being adapted for film through Inferno Entertainment. The script by Bill Marsilii is complete and Inferno is fielding offers from additional studios seeking to turn the already-funded film into a blockbuster.

“Everyone at Insight looks forward to the Baltimore Comic Con each year,” Wheatley said. “This show strikes an amazing balance between big convention thrills and a friendly, comfortable atmosphere where you can actually spend time with your friends and meet industry stars. And the Harvey Awards is one of the most entertaining awards ceremonies I ever attend!”

Breathtaker, Mars, and Blood of the Innocent collaborator, writer-artist Marc Hempel, will also be on hand. In addition to his acclaimed work on “The Kindly Ones” story arc for DC’s Sandman with Neil Gaiman, Hempel also created Tug & Buster, Gregory, and the online strip Marc Hempel’s Naked Brain. His work is also appearing in MAD.

Also attending the Baltimore Comic-Con as he takes a break from a series of films in production and in development, writer-producer-director Robert Tinnell has the graphic novel Flesh & Blood on the way with artist Neil Vokes. The creator behind The Wicked West, The Black Forest, Sight Unseen, The Faceless: A Terry Sharpe Story, The Living and The Dead, Demons of Sherwood, and Feast of the Seven Fishes, he directed such features as Kids of the Round Table, Frankenstein and Me, and Believe. Tinnell also produced the cult classic Surf Nazis Must Die, and he was one of the segment directors for the just-released DVD Edgar Allen Poe’s Requiem For The Damned.

Mike Gold, who will also be at the Insight Studios booth at the show, has been the Editor-in-Chief of ComicMix, director of editorial development and a group editor at DC Comics, and editor-in-chief of First Comics, which he helped start. Along the way, he’s worked with such notables as Mike Grell, Howard Chaykin, John Ostrander, Del Close, Tim Truman, Joe Staton, Trevor Von Eden, Bo Hampton, Mark Wheatley, Marc Hempel, and many others on properties such as Green Arrow, The Question, Jon Sable, Freelance, American Flagg!, GrimJack, Starslayer, E-Man, and others.

“The Baltimore show is pure comics, run by people whose love for comics is obvious. It’s the way great conventions used to be run, and it’s one of the very few I truly enjoy and actually look forward to. And it’s the only show where I care about the convention even more than I care about the local food!” Gold said.

“That’s because Mike would prefer to eat barbeque rather than crabs!” Wheatley added.

Insight Studios Group, is producer of numerous award-winning comic books, graphic novels, portfolios and other publications including The Mark Wheatley Gallery, The Spider: Burning Lead for the Walking Dead!, The Elemental Art of Dale Rogers, IS Art – The Art of Insight Studios, Hammer of the Gods, Titanic Tales, Jimgrim and the Devil at Ludd, Frank Cho Illustrator, Gray Morrow Visionary, Al Williamson ADVENTURES, Frankenstein Mobster, Miles the Monster, MARS, Marc Hempel’s Naked Brain, Breathtaker, and many more.

Confirmed guests for this year’s Baltimore Comic-Con include: Guest of Honor, Stan “The Man” Lee; Jason Aaron (Scalped, PunisherMAX); Charlie Adlard (The Walking Dead); Nick Cardy (Aquaman, Teen Titans); Greg Capullo (Spawn, Batman); Cliff Chiang (Greendale); Frank Cho (50 Girl 50, X-Men: Schism, New Ultimates); Todd Dezago (Super Hero Squad, The Perhapanauts); David Finch (Brightest Day, Batman: The Dark Knight); Ron Frenz (Spider-Girl); Jose-Luis Garcia-Lopez (Wednesday Comics, Batman Confidential); Michael Golden (creator of Bucky O’Hare); Mike Grell (Action Comics, The Pilgrim); Brad Guigar (Evil, Inc., Courting Disaster); Steve Hamaker (Bone); Cully Hamner (Red, Red: Eyes Only); Dean Haspiel (The Alcoholic, Act-i-Vate); Jamal Igle (Supergirl, Zatanna); J.G. Jones (Doc Savage, DC Universe Legacies); Barry Kitson (Secret Invasion, Amazing Spider-Man); Laura Martin (New Avengers, Thor); Mark Morales (Fear Itself cover artist); Kevin Nowlan (Wednesday Comics); David Petersen (Mouse Guard); Brandon Peterson (Ultimate Vision, Strange); Craig Rousseau (Marvel Her-Oes); Stan Sakai (Usagi Yojimbo); Walter Simonson (Thor); Jeff Smith (Bone, RASL); Nick Spencer (Morning Glories, Iron Man 2.0); Brian Stelfreeze (Wednesday Comics); Karl Story (DC Universe Legacies); Tim Truman (Conan the Cimmerian); Neil Vokes (Flesh & Blood, Eagle: The Original Adventures); and Thom Zahler (Love and Capes).

Looking for a place to stay in Baltimore for the show?

The Baltimore Comic-Con has partnered with two of Baltimore’s premiere hotels to secure special room rates for those attending this year’s show! Interested exhibitors and attendees can book between now and July 20, 2011 at the Sheraton Inner Harbor Hotel and the Hyatt Regency Baltimore at a discounted rate. Visit the links below for more information and to make a reservation, but remember the deadline to book at these special rates is July 20, 2011.

Sheraton Inner Harbor Hotel

Hyatt Regency Baltimore


Attending the Baltimore Comic-Con? Show your support online!

Simply change your social network (Facebook, Twitter, blog, etc.) avatar pictures to the “See You in Baltimore!” image and let the world know you’re attending the show!

In coming weeks, look for more announcements from the Baltimore Comic-Con. We are looking forward to highlighting our guests, the Harvey Awards, industry exclusives, and programming. The latest developments can always be found at our website, Twitter, Facebook, and MySpace pages.

This year’s Baltimore Comic-Con will be held August 20-21, 2011. Convention hours are Saturday 10 AM to 6 PM and Sunday 10 AM to 5 PM. The ceremony and banquet for the Harvey Awards will be held Saturday night, August 21st.

About The Baltimore Comic-Con

The Baltimore Comic-Con is celebrating its 12th year of bringing the comic book industry to the Baltimore and Washington D.C. area. With a guest list unequaled in the industry, the Baltimore Comic-Con will be held August 20-21, 2011. For more information, please visit www.baltimorecomiccon.com.

About The Harvey Awards
The Harvey Awards are one of the comic book industry’s oldest and most respected awards. With a history of over 20 years, the last 6 in conjunction with the Baltimore Comic-Con, the Harveys recognize outstanding achievements in over 20 categories. They are the only industry awards nominated and selected by the full body of comic book professionals. For more information, please visit www.harveyawards.org.

Lone Justice Graphic Novel Exclusive at Baltimore Comic-Con

Official Press Release BCC Logo 2010

IDW Publishing, ComicMix and Insight Studios Team-Up for Signed, Numbered Edition
Baltimore, Maryland – August 6, 2010 – He’s been the city’s greatest champion, battling tirelessly to keep us safe from harm. But what could spell the end for Lone Justice? What could destroy the hero of the century? Does it take losing everything to a horrific economy to make a man see what he really stands for?

With the regular edition of IDW Publishing and ComicMix’s Lone Justice – Volume 1 not due in comic shops until September, a select few fans will be able to get a signed, limited convention exclusive edition at the August 28-29, 2010 Baltimore Comic-Con.

Writer-artist Mark Wheatley, writer Robert Tinnell, and editor Mike Gold will all be on hand to celebrate this sneak peek edition, which is limited to only 50 copies. This edition includes a special illustrated signature plate.

“The Baltimore Comic-Con is one of my all-time favorite conventions every year. I love comics and this show is intensely about comics: old comics, new comics, the people who love to make them, and the people who love to read them,” said Mark Wheatley. “It doesn’t get any more comic-centric than that, which is why we’re having these special copies shipped in directly from the printer.”

The standard edition of Lone Justice – Volume 1 is featured on Page 157 of the July edition of Previews from Diamond Comic Distributors [item #JUL10 0357]. The full-color trade paperback carries a retail price of just $19.99 for 132 pages almost entirely crammed with incredible pulp-flavored action.

Lone Justice was originally serialized online on ComicMix. This collection, the first of two volumes that will tell the complete tale, marks its first appearance in print. Volume 2 in this series is scheduled for February 2011, also from IDW Publishing.

The Baltimore Comic-Con will be held Saturday and Sunday, August 28-29, 2010 at the Baltimore Convention Center. In addition to Mark Wheatley, Robert Tinnell, and Mike Gold, guests include Sergio Aragones, Howard Chaykin, Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez, Michael Golden, Marc Hempel, Klaus Janson, J.G. Jones, Denis Kitchen, Rich Koslowski, Steve Lieber, Todd McFarlane, Terry Moore, Paul Pope, Eric Powell, Jim Shooter, Billy Tucci, Mark Waid, Bernie Wrightson, and many others.

The Baltimore Convention Center is located just a few short blocks from the family-friendly and world famous Inner Harbor, and immediately across the street from the historic Camden Yards sports complex (home of the Baltimore Orioles and Geppi’s Entertainment Museum).

Lone Justice Exclusive 2010
About The Baltimore Comic-Con
The Baltimore Comic-Con is celebrating its 11th year of bringing the comic book industry to the Baltimore and Washington D.C. area.  With a guest list unequaled in the industry, the Baltimore Comic-Con will be held August 28-29, 2010.  For more information, please visit www.baltimorecomiccon.com.

About The Harvey Awards
The Harvey Awards are one of the comic book industry’s oldest and most respected awards.  With a history of over 20 years, the last 5 in conjunction with the Baltimore Comic-Con, the Harveys recognize outstanding achievements in over 20 categories.  They are the only industry awards nominated and selected by the full body of comic book professionals.  For more information, please visit www.harveyawards.org.

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