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Preview: Batgirl #25

Batgirl #25

(W) Marguerite Bennett, Mairghread Scott, Paul Dini (A) Dan Panosian, Paul Pelletier, Emanuela Lupacchino, Tom Derenick (CA) Rafael Albuquerque
In Shops: Aug 15, 2018
SRP: $4.99

On her return to Gotham, Barbara must come to terms with her complicated feelings about the city that made her Batgirl and turns to her friend, Dick Grayson for help. Does Dick have time for a heart-to-heart while subbing as Batman when Bruce Wayne is out of action? This extra-sized anniversary issue also offers a look at the next arc of the series by Mairghread Scott and Paul Pelletier as the monstrous villain Grotesque returns to murder wealthy art owners and defile their bodies to create his own “art.” And since this is the issue that keeps on giving, also look for a special backup story by Harley Quinn co-creator Paul Dini and artist Emanuela Lupacchino.

Preview: Green Arrow #42

Green Arrow #42

(W) Mairghread Scott (A) Matthew Clark (CA) Tyler Kirkham
In Shops: Jul 04, 2018
SRP: $3.99

It’s Parasite Season for Green Arrow. The Emerald Archer must hunt down the power-sapping purple powerhouse-alone, in a maximum-security prison, running low on arrows-and after the tapeworm terror has feasted on a buffet full of metahuman criminals. Prison reform, Ollie? You shoot arrows in people; that’s straight up medieval!

Preview: Green Arrow #41

Green Arrow #41

(W) Mairghread Scott (A) Matthew Clark (CA) Tyler Kirkham
In Shops: Jun 06, 2018
SRP: $3.99

“LESS THAN” part one! At Superman’s request, Green Arrow escorts Parasite back to Stryker’s Island Prison, but Parasite feeds off the super-powers of the other inmates, breaks away from Arrow and causes a prison riot. On his own, with only the arrows in his quiver, Green Arrow will have to keep all the villains at bay and take out an overpowered Parasite!

Preview: Transformers/G.I. JOE: First Strike

Transformers/G.I. JOE: First Strike

Mairghread Scott & David A. Rodriguez (w) • Max Dunbar (a) • Freddie E. Williams II (c)

A Hasbro Comic Book Event of epic proportions! The TRANSFORMERS are under attack from COBRA, G.I. JOE’s greatest enemy! As Earth joins the intergalactic community, a massive explosion threatens the peace! A new COBRA—led by the worst villains to ever tangle with G.I. Joe, M.A.S.K.:Mobile Armored Strike Kommand, and the Transformers—is invading Cybertron, and only Scarlett, Optimus Prime, the Joes, and the Autobots can save two worlds! It’s a race to the finish as good fights evil! Will our heroes win, or will Cobra DESTROY ALL TRANSFORMERS?!?

TPB • FC • $19.99 • 144 pages • ISBN: 978-1-68405-122-9

Review: Young Monsters In Love # 1

Here’s my pitch for Young Monsters in Love #2:

After a comic book company cuts down Poison Ivy’s favorite trees to make terrible Valentine’s Day special about their most popular supernatural characters in romantic situations, Ivy reanimates all the print copies as zombies to horribly murder everyone foolish enough to buy it.

This was originally supposed to be a short review but the depths of hatred inspired in me by reading the book cannot be easily contained within a mere paragraph or two.

Young Monsters in Love is one of the worst comics DC has ever published in it’s 80+ year history, ranking right alongside the original Super Sons stories from the mid seventies and All-Star Batman and Robin. Reading this book felt like a chore for the first sixty pages and like torture for the last twenty.

What you get for your $7.99 cover price is a selection of vignettes (I hesitate to call them stories) in which a variety of DC’s darker characters feel the tug of love at whatever passes for their heartstrings. It’s a solid concept and one that should have yielded a decent comic, especially considering the amount of talent DC assigned to it (far too many names to list). This is more like a box of cut rate,  dollar store Valentine’s Day cards featuring off-brand monster cereal mascots. It’s a cynical cash grab with as much earnest affection behind it as a box of chocolates purchased from CVS at the last minute because you forgot your anniversary.

The biggest problem here is the format. 80 pages is a lot of space, enough for four regular issues in fact. Yet most of the stories are simply too short. Some of them could have been worthwhile had they been given a little more room to breathe. The characters, as depicted here, are at best a vague motivation and wrapped up in a thinly veiled conceit of supernatural horror. They never quite develop as people and fail to establish the emotional connection essential to all good love stories. If you’re not already a fan there is no real reason for you to become one. Staring at a blank sheet of bristol board is more compelling than most of this stuff. 

The worst of the bunch are “Pieces of Me” a Frankenstein, Agent of S.H.A.D.E. story by Tim Seeley and Giuseppe Camuncoli and “The Dead Can Dance” a Raven story written by Colin Kelly and Jackson Lanzing with art by Javier Fernandez. The idea of a man (Frankenstein) pining for his ex-wife, who is now in love with another woman, should have been retired along with Friends and I can’t believe that a story in which the resolution of the plot requires a teenage female superhero (Raven)  to dance with a male ghost against her wishes is being published in 2018 of all years. In both cases what’s meant to be poignant comes off as tone deaf and creepy. 

The best story and the only one worth the paper it’s printed on is “Be My Valentine” by Paul Dini and Guillem March. This surprised me as Dini’s comics are hit or miss, I’ve never cared much for March’s faux manga style and the star character (Deadman) is someone I usually find at least mildly irritating if not downright annoying. Nonetheless this is a great story, a true diamond buried in a giant pile of turds. Deadman saves a little kid from being hit by a train and uncovers a case of bullying in the classroom which he puts right with a sense of compassion not usually found in the genre. Dini’s script recalls the holiday special issues of old and March feels like he’s channeling a bit of Neal Adams, the best artist to ever draw a Deadman story, to good effect. It’s a true classic and one of the best things I’ve ever read in a DC comic but sadly it doesn’t come close to justifying paying almost eight dollars for the rest of this garbage. Hopefully it gets reprinted in a better book.

I love DC’s supernatural characters so I was really expecting Young Monsters In Love to be a fun book. What it is instead is a collection of what amounts to back-up features that are as lacking in purpose as they are in heart. Oh and the story teased by the cover about Swamp Thing and Frankenstein’s bride? That never happens. For shame DC. For shame.

Story: Paul Dini, James Robinson, Jeff Lemire, Steve Orlando, Mark Russell, Kyle Higgins, Alisa Kwitney, Phil Hester, Tim Seeley, Mairghread Scott
Art: Guillem March, Frazer Irving, Kelley Jones, Giuseppe Camuncoli, Bryan Hitch, Javier Fernandez, Nic Klein, Stephanie Hans, Mirko Colak, John McCrea

Story: 0.0 Art: 8.0 Overall: 4.0 Recommendation: Pass

DC Comics provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review

Preview: Transformers Windblade: The Last City

Transformers Windblade: The Last City

Mairghread Scott (w) • Sarah Stone, Corin Howell, Sara Pitre-Durocher (a) • Sara Pitre-Durocher (c)

The original fan-made Transformer stars in her own series. She cuts straight to the truth and no obstacle is going to stand in her path. Windblade is a force for good, who never fails to do the right thing. But what happens when she’s forced to work with Starscream to recruit new colonies to the Council of Worlds? Collects both the four-issue and seven-issue Windblade mini-series.

TPB • FC • $24.99 • 220 pages • ISBN: 978-1-68405-224-0

Preview: Transformers: Till All Are One Annual 2017

Transformers: Till All Are One Annual 2017

Mairghread Scott (w) • Sara Pitre-Durocher (a & c)

Elita One, Windblade, and Starscream fight to gain ultimate control of Cybertron! Dark secrets will be revealed in this series finale!

FC • 48 pages • $7.99

Preview: DC Universe Holiday Special 2017

DC Universe Holiday Special 2017

(W) Greg Rucka, Tom King, Dennis O’Neil, Jeff Lemire, Mike Friedrich, Christopher Priest, Shea Fontana, Joshua Williamson, Mairghread Scott, Dan DiDio, Scott Bryan Wilson (A) Steve Epting, Neal Adams, Bilquis Evely, Otto Schimdt, Neil Googe, Giuseppe Camuncoli, Cam Smith, Phil Hester, Ande Parks, Francesco Francavilla, Tom Grummett, Scott Hanna, Matthew Clark, Sean Parsons, Nic Klein, Dick Giordano (CA) Andy Kubert
In Shops: Dec 06, 2017
SRP: $9.99

DC Comics’ finest talents have assembled to bring you a holiday special like you’ve never seen before! Join Superman, Wonder Woman and the Flash as they deliver powerful messages of hope like only The Worlds Greatest Super-Heroes can! Plus: Sgt. Rock fights the Nazis on Hanukah, the Teen Titans take on the literal ghost of Christmas past, and Swamp Thing battles that creeping feeling of existential dread! And don’t miss the legendary Denny O’Neil’s return to comics with an all-new Batman story!

Preview: WWE #11

WWE #11

Publisher: BOOM! Studios
Writers: Dennis Hopeless, Mairghread Scott
Artists: Serg Acuña, Rodrigo Lorenzo
Cover Artists:
Main Cover: Dan Mora
Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat Then Variant Cover: Rahzzah
Ted DiBiase Forever Variant Cover: Aaron Dana
Action Figure Variant Cover: Adam Riches
Royal Rumble Variant Cover: Brent Schoonover
Colorist: Doug Garbark
Letterer: Jim Campbell
Price: $3.99

Roman Reigns battles the Wyatt Family and only one is left standing—but what do Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins have to say about it?

Review: First Strike #6

War for the Core! Deep within Cybertron, the ultimate weapon to kill all Transformers is about to be activated! Meanwhile, Elita One plans to stop the weapon-by killing every human on Cybertron! Either way, looks like some species on Cybertron is going down unless Optimus Prime and Scarlett can save the day…

The crossover between M.A.S.K., G.I. Joe, Transformers, and Micronauts wraps up here with a hell of an ending and a comic event that really feels like it. There’s a hell of a twist ending that I didn’t see coming and sets up a new status quo to come in the “Hasbro Universe.”

Written by Mairghread Scott and David A. Rodriguez, First Strike #6 sees the showdowns you want and a hell of a lot of conflict. But, lets face it, we want to see Scarlett take on Joe Colton and we get exactly that with a fight that shows how much of a badass Scarlett is. It’s good. It’s really good. Then there’s… well I don’t want to ruin it but there’s a lot of players here.

If there’s one negative, it feels like the plot with Optimus betraying the Council gets wrapped up or overlooked to quick but that might be handled later in other series. There’s only so much you can fit in.

Then there’s the prologue story which will have every Transformers fan squeal. It’s awesome…. real awesome. But mix that reveal in with the twist at the end of this comic and it’s the next phase of the “Hasbro Universe” making it clearer how one aspect fits in more.

The art by Max Dunbar and James Raiz is great. Dunbar handles the main story and he does a great job being able to fit lots in despite having so many characters to deal with and such different sizes. It’s impressive to do, especially since there’s some solid framing of the action. Raiz gets to show off the impact of it all and teases what’s next. There’s some great design and to see the pain of Metroplex and what that leads to is cool to see, especially how it’s all revealed.

This event as a whole has felt like the type of battle I did as a kid pitting my toys against each other. It’s been fun and entertaining but the reveal at the end takes it all to the next level and has me excited to see what comes next.

Story: Mairghread Scott, David Rodriguez Art: Max Dunbar, James Raiz
Cover: Freddie Williams II

Story: 8.35 Art: 8.35 Overall: 8.35 Recommendation: Buy

IDW Publishing provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review

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