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Dan Abnett Heads to Barsoom for Dejah Thoris

Dejah Thoris is back in a brand new ongoing series by sci-fi superstar Dan Abnett, launching this December!

Writer Dan Abnett and his fellow creators are heading to Barsoom to chronicle the latest tales of Dejah. His co-pilot for this mission is artist Vasco Georgiev. The crew is rounded out by colorist Dearbhla Kelly and letterer Simon Bowland. Barsoom has always been a dying world, teetering on disaster, but it may be closer to death these days. Dejah Thoris has been many things in life; a wife, a mother, royalty and an adventurer. Now her role as a scientist must take center stage, as she attempts to investigate why her homeworld is freezing. Other skills come into play when it’s discovered that political factions may be hiding the secrets of this global catastrophe. Glittering palace intrigue and visceral adventure abound in this new series, as Dejah joins her fellow Women of Dynamite “trinity” of Vampirella and Red Sonja.

Besides her kickass abilities, acute intelligence, leadership abilities and charm, Dejah Thoris is of course renowned for her beauty. Dynamite has assembled a team of four cover artists for this first issue that are upheld by fans as masters of beautiful heroines. Painter Lucio Parrillo is a natural choice, with his decade-long attachment to the franchise, having drawn countless covers for Dynamite’s first foray into Barsoom. On the other hand, Joseph Michael Linsner has tragically only drawn one Dejah cover before, so Dynamite is correcting this egregious wrong. Even worse than that, Billy Tucci has plenty of experience drawing powerful women, but has never drawn the Princess of Mars. Completing the set is a breathtaking wraparound cover by the one and only Adam Hughes! Dynamite will also be offering an extremely limited black-bagged risqué version for those who want to appreciate Dejah’s full beauty in a manner more in line with Burroughs’s original vision. Cosplayer Mai (@maidenhellxo) returns to Dejah with another cover and the first cosplay cover on a solo Dejah Thoris series!