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Kickstarter – FYVR

I feel like I need to reward those who do the outreach, so… here’s another Kickstarter project to spotlight.  FYVR, Dragon’s Son looks pretty cool and is a fantasy comic by Thane Frederick Benson, Michael Axt and Mahesh R. Mahadeshwar.

Liam is a slave. He has been chained to an oar aboard a Viking ship for two years. He pulls that oar every day with a whip at his back and a knife to his throat. The only thing keeping him alive is the dream of one day returning to his island home and the family that still waits for him there. A chance encounter with a boy with the power to summon fire, frees Liam from his long captivity. Liam begins his long journey home with the boy, known only as FYVR, at his side. Who FYVR is and the source of his powers is a mystery. But it soon becomes obvious that there are many powerful people seeking the boy who wish to use him for their own means. Liam must decide between abandoning FYVR in order to return safely home or fighting to protect the mysterious boy that saved his life.

The Kickstarter campaign is an attempt to fund the production and printing costs of issue #1.  You can contribute here.  With about 12 days to go, they’re half way to their goal.

Best pledge – $10 – a printed copy or $25 or $35 – a printed copy with an original sketch.