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Diamond Select Toys In Stores Now: Rocket, Kylo Ren, Magneto & Westworld!

The 4th of July is upon us, and Diamond Select Toys is celebrating with an explosion of new products at comic shops! Two new Legends in 3D busts, a new animated-style bust, and a new assortment of action figures all hit stores this week — find a store near you comicshoplocator.com or order online from your favorite retailer!

Legends in 3D Movie Avengers Endgame Rocket Half-Scale Bust

A Diamond Select Toys release! The Avengers’ shortest member gets a big bust from DST! Measuring approximately 8 inches tall, this half-scale bust is based on the character’s appearance in Avengers: Endgame. It is limited to only 1,000 pieces, and comes packaged in a numbered, full-color box with a certificate of authenticity. Designed by Joe Allard, sculpted by Rocco Tartamella. (Item #NOV192331, SRP: $120.00)

Legends in 3D Movie Star Wars Episode 9 Kylo Ren Half-Scale Bust

A Diamond Select Toys and Gentle Giant Ltd. release! Star Wars Episode 9 is nearly upon us, and the world is bracing itself for the Rise of Skywalker! This Legends in 3D half-scale bust captures the masked visage of antagonist Kylo Ren, detailing all of the cracks and seams of his repaired helmet. Measuring approximately 10 inches tall, it is limited to only 1,000 pieces, and comes packaged in a full-color box with a certificate of authenticity. Designed by Joe Allard, sculpted by Rocco Tartamella. (Item #NOV192324, SRP: $150.00)

Marvel Animated X-Men Magneto Bust

A Diamond Select Toys release! The groundbreaking animated-style line of X-Men busts continues with the Master of Magnetism himself, Magneto! Looking like he just stepped off the screen from the hit cartoon, Magneto raises a fist in this 6-inch resin bust, featuring detailed sculpting and animation-inspired paint details. Limited to only 3,000 pieces, it comes packaged in a full-color window box with a certificate of authenticity. (Item #NOV192333, SRP: $59.99)

Westworld Action Figures Series 2 Asst.

A Diamond Select Toys release! Return to Westworld with this new assortment of action figures based on the HBO television series! Key characters Bernard, Teddy and Clementine make up this assortment, each with multiple points of articulation and character-appropriate accessories. Each figure measures approximately 7 inches tall and comes packaged in a full-color blister card. Designed by Eamon O’Donoghue, sculpted by Gentle Giant Studios. (Asst #NOV192335, SRP: $19.99/ea.)

Magneto Undertakes a New Mission in Giant-Size X-Men from Jonathan Hickman and Ben Oliver

When Giant-Size X-Men hits stands next year, X-Men fans will get to see Jonathan Hickman’s bold vision for mutantkind unfold in epic adventures told by the industry’s most acclaimed artists. These large-scale but standalone stories will be specifically designed to highlight the artist’s talents, and each issue will focus on a specific character. This March, Hickman will team up with legendary artist Ben Oliver to turn the spotlight on the master of magnetism, Magneto!

Created by Stan Lee himself, Magneto’s been a fixture in the X-Men mythos since the very beginning. Although he debuted in 1963’s X-MEN #1 as the X-Men’s premiere supervillain, he eventually became one of their fiercest members. Under Chris Claremont’s pen, Magneto was equipped with a tragic backstory, shedding light on his motivations and developing him into one of the most complex characters in the Marvel Universe. An unrelenting champion for mutantkind, Magneto once again finds himself leading a mutant nation, but this time, he has all of mutantkind including the X-Men standing at his side. Determined to make this new dream of Krakoa prosper, Magneto must now make dealings with his former sworn enemy— humanity!

Giant-Size X-Men: Magneto will be the second of five essential one-shots with the first, Giant-Size X-Men: Hean Grey and Emma Frost debuting in February. Uniting Jonathan Hickman with the best artists in the industry, these stories are destined to be instant classics that fans won’t want to miss! Stay tuned for upcoming announcements about more Giant-Size X-Men issues coming your way next year and which of your favorite artists will be showcased next!

Giant-Size X-Men: Magneto

Previews Gets an Exclusive One:12 Collective Magneto

Diamond Comic Distributors and Mezco Toys have once again partnered to introduce the master of magnetism into Mezco’s One:12 Collective line as a PREVIEWS Exclusive: Marvel NOW! Magneto.

Presented in his white fitted cloth costume with long cape, Magneto comes complete with magnetic force effects capable of holding small metal objects with imbedded magnets. Featuring thirty points of articulation and painted authentic detailing, Magneto also includes two head portraits and six interchangeable hands. Each One:12 Collective figure is packaged in a collector friendly box with an included One:12 Collective display base with logo, designed with collectors in mind.

The PREVIEWS Exclusive One:12 Collective Magneto Marvel Now! Edition (AUG198176, SRP: $80.00) is now available for pre-order at comic shops, TFAW, Entertainment Earth, and more with an expected release date of March 25, 2020.

PREVIEWS Exclusive: Marvel NOW! Magneto
PREVIEWS Exclusive: Marvel NOW! Magneto

Spider-Man, Magneto Lead New PREVIEWS Exclusive Marvel Egg Attack Figures

Beast Kingdom and Diamond Comic Distributors are celebrating an iconic Marvel hero and Marvel villain with three new PREVIEWS Exclusive Egg Attack Action figures! Featuring the webslinger himself the infamous X-Men foe, these figures honor Spider-Man and Magneto.

In Spider-Man: Homecoming, Peter Parker goes back to basics and is reminded that even without his advanced spider suit, he is still a hero! Wearing his homemade suit, he still manages to save the day and defeat the conniving Vulture. Beast Kingdom revisits the Egg Attack Action series with the latest cloth-clad 6-inch action figure: PREVIEWS Exclusive EAA-074 Spider-Man: Homecoming Homemade SuitWith a focus on detailed tailoring, this suit is the ultimate homage to Peter Parker’s very own ingenuity. Featuring 28 points of articulation and measuring about 6.5” tall, this action figure features not only 3 pairs of magnetic replacement eyes and 4 pairs of replaceable hands, but also a fully tailored suit with elasticity in the pants and t-shirt. Real fabric with real zippers makes this a perfect collector’s piece. Spidey also includes four varying lengths of webbing effects and a Homecoming branded base for easy display.

The Marvel Animated series from the 90’s introduced fans to some of the most iconic character designs of all time, and now, following the release of the popular Egg Attack Action Wolverine and Cyclops comes arguably their most infamous foe: Magneto! This highly articulated 6″ PREVIEWS Exclusive EAA-083 X-MEN Magneto figure includes a magnetic helmet to protect Magneto from Professor X’s brainwave manipulation. With a focus on detail, the helmet has high grading paint-work using metallic like effects along with an impressive cloth costume that includes a cloak with adjustable built-in wiring, for the ultimate in possibility. Magneto even comes with effect accessories that include magnets built in for authentic magnetic action! Also included are two replacement faces, three pairs of replacement hands, a pair of magnetic Shock Wave special effect accessory discs, and one X-Men branded platform stand.

The PREVIEWS Exclusive EAA-083DX X-MEN Magneto Deluxe Version comes with the same accessories as the standard version – two replacement faces, three pairs of replacement hands, a pair of magnetic Shock Wave special effect accessory discs, and one X-Men branded platform stand – but also includes exclusive accessories, such as an additional Erik Lehnsherr expression face and a large sculped gravel ruin scene.

The PREVIEWS Exclusive EAA-074 Spider-Man: Homecoming Spider-Man Homemade Suit (MAY198499; SRP $80.00), EAA-083 X-Men Magneto (MAY198500; SRP $80.00), and EAA-083DX X-Men Magneto Deluxe Version (MAY198501; SRP $100.00) are now available for pre-order at comic shops, with an expected release date of February 26, 2020.

The One:12 Collective Magneto is Up for Pre-Order

The One:12 Collective Magneto is presented in a fitted suit with shoulder armor. The master of magnetism comes complete with two head portraits and a range of magnetic effects including a gun disassembling effect and magnetic force effects that are affixed to his interchangeable hands. Both magnetic force effects are imbedded with magnets, capable of holding small metal objects.

Magneto, also known as Max Eisenhardt, is a powerful mutant who has the ability to control magnetic fields at will. Using his magnetic abilities, Magneto helps other mutants replace humans as the dominant species, as he believes in their superiority.


  • One:12 Collective body with over 30 points of articulation
  • Two (2) head portraits
  • Hand painted authentic detailing
  • Approximately 17cm tall
  • Six (6) interchangeable hands including 
    • One (1) pair of fists (L & R)
    • Two (2) pairs of posing hands (L & R)


  • Fitted suit with shoulder armor
  • Wrist gauntlets
  • Duty belt
  • Knee-high boots


  • One (1) gun disassembling effect (affixed to interchangeable left hand)
  • Two (2) magnetic force effects with imbedded magnets (affixed to interchangeable left & right hands)
  • One (1) One:12 Collective display base with logo
  • One (1) One:12 Collective adjustable display post

The One:12 Collective Magneto is expected to ship between December 2019 and February 2020 and is available to pre-order from Mezco Toyz directly, Entertainment Earth, TFAW, and more.

Diamond Select Toys In Stores Now: Catwoman, Swedish Chef and the Real Ghostbusters!

It’s New Toy Day, and this week DST is shipping some highly-anticipated items to comic shops across the country! Select action figures of the Real Ghostbusters and the Muppets’ Swedish Chef are the definition of anticipated, with tons of fans waiting for them to make their appearances. And comic fans are anxious to get their hands on Gallery PVCs of Ant-Man, Wasp, Catwoman and a resin statue of Magneto!

DC Comic Gallery Catwoman PVC Diorama

A Diamond Select Toys release! How purr-fect is your Gallery? The DC Gallery line of PVC dioramas has an unauthorized visitor, as Catwoman breaks into the breakout series of collectibles from DST! Perched atop a massive Egyptian cat-headed statue, Selina Kyle steals the spotlight in this 9-inch-scale diorama, wearing her modern, curve-hugging black costume. Made of a high-quality plastic, and featuring a detailed sculpt and exacting paint applications, it comes packaged in a full-color window box. Designed by Shawn Knapp, sculpted by James Marsano! (Item # JUL182493, SRP: $45.00)

Ghostbusters Select Action Figures Series 9 Real Ghostbusters Asst.

A Diamond Select Toys release! It’s time to get real! The Ghostbusters get animated in the newest assortment of Select action figures from Diamond Select Toys, with figures based on the classic Real Ghostbusters cartoon! Egon, Winston and Slimer make up the assortment, with the two ’Busters wearing their color-coded jumpsuits and packing cartoon-accurate gear, and Slimer coming with a support stand and three interchangeable faces! Plus, each figure includes pieces to build a larger diorama – collect all 15 figures in Series 6-10 to construct the firehouse headquarters’ sign front doors! Designed by Yuri Tming, and sculpted by Gentle Giant Studios! (Item #8441JUL182490, SRP: $24.99/ea.)

Marvel Movie Gallery Ant Man and the Wasp PVC Dioramas

A Diamond Select Toys Release! These PVC Dioramas are not actual size! If anything, these 9-inch scale sculptures of Ant-Man and the Wasp are much bigger than the characters will appear in their highly anticipated 2018 superhero sequel. Featuring the heroes launching themselves into action on a penny and a pair of wings, respectively, each sculpture features detailed sculpting by Dave Cortes. Each comes packaged in a full-color window box.

Ant-Man Diorama (Item #JUL182499, SRP: $45.00)

Wasp Diorama (Item #JUL182500, SRP: $45.00)

Marvel Premier Collection Magneto Resin Statue

A Diamond Select Toys release! Magneto, the Master of Magnetism, is sure to attract a lot of attention when you unbox this 12-inch scale statue! Measuring approximately 16 inches tall, this piece depicts the X-Men’s greatest foe-turned-ally hovering over a rocky promontory, summoning a translucent sphere of magnetic energy from the very ground beneath him! Limited to only 3,000 pieces, Magneto comes packaged in a numbered, full-color box with a certificate of authenticity. Sculpted by Phil Ramirez! (Item #MAR182430, SRP: $150.00)

Muppets Action Figures Swedish Chef Deluxe Gift Set

A Diamond Select Toys release! Bork bork bork! The Muppets are bork, with the first ever action figure gift set in the Muppets line from DST! The Swedish Chef does the honors, with a massive number of accessories, including a table, pans, pots, food (talking and non-talking) and even a chicken, to make Chicken in the Basket. Packaged in a full-color window box, this figure is in scale to all Select action figures. Sculpted by Gentle Giant Studios! (Item #JUN182316, SRP: $29.99)

First Impressions Featuring: A Marvelous Selection!

Welcome to Graphic Policy’s First Impressions where we take a look at a handful of comics in order to discern just how accessible they are for new readers, because every comic could be somebody’s first – and that’s the first question that’ll be answered with this feature. The second is whether you should  start there because sometimes a book could be accessible to new readers but the quality could be less than average, and so each comic will receive a score out of ten based upon Graphic Policy’s typical ten point scale.

Where possible we’ll also be providing  recap of sorts for the relevant story beats up until the issue in question in order to help you figure out if the series is something you’re interested in, assuming we’ve read any part of the story thus far. All comics were provided for review purposes unless otherwise noted.


X-Men Black: Magneto #1 (Marvel)
Can you start here?
Recap & Review:
I’ve been terribly lax with my X-Men reading over the last few years, and as such I really have no idea what Magneto has been up too lately. However, that’s ultimately irrelevant as this comic contains one of the most powerful and timely stories you’ll read in a long time. Bonus, the back up story (that contnues across the X-Men Black series is also well worth reading).
Score: 9.1

Cosmic Ghost Rider #4 (Marvel)
Can you start here?
Recap & Review: 
So Frank Castle is the Cosmic Ghost Rider? What rock have I been living under that I didn’t know that? A big one obviously. Without recapping the entire comic, because I can’t, this is still an awesome read. And one that’s good enough for me to want to read the previous three issues.
Score: 9.0

Superior Octopus #1 (Marvel)
Can you start here?
Recap & Review: 
There’s a lot happening in the Spider-Verse lately, and this is just another comic that could get lost in the shuffle. Which would be a shame for any who enjoyed the Superior Spider-Man series. Yes, there’s a lot of Secret Empire references here, but you don’t need to have read that series to be able to enjoy thi. I didn’t.
Score: 8.9

Shatterstar #1 (Marvel)
Can you start here?
Recap & Review: 
Eh, it wasn’t bad. A lot of words and narration in this issue which actually serves very well in setting the stage for what’s next, but it didn’t really strike my fancy.
Score: 7.2

What If? Spider-Man #1 (Marvel)
Can you start here?
Recap & Review: 
As with all What If? stories, the only prerequisite here is you know Spider-Man’s origin. That way you can enoy this otherwise largely forgettable story.
Score: 6.2

What If? X-Men #1 (Marvel)
Can you start here?
Recap & Review: 
As with all What If? stories… yeah. This isn’t worth your time. It’s kinda like the Matrix, but not as fun as the sequels.
Score: 5.2

Iron Man Hulkbuster, Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, & Sabretooth come to Marvel Universe Miniature Game

Knight Models has unveiled its latest releases for their Marvel Universe Miniature Game and Batman Miniature Game. The Marvel Universe Miniature Game gets some much-needed “bad guys” with two releases, plus a figure that was teased in images last month.

The Brotherhood of Evil Mutants make their debut along with Sabretooth. The Brotherhood consists of Magneto, Pyro, Toad, and Lady Mastermind. Also debuting is Iron Man Hulkbuster MK44 which is just in time to take on last month’s Hulk release.

You can order all of the figures now.

Marvel Universe Miniature Game Brotherhood of Evil Mutants Marvel Universe Miniature Game Sabretooth Marvel Universe Miniature Game Iron Man Hulkbuster MK44

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