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SDCC 2015: Jhonen Vasquez SLG Publishing Booth Signing Schedule

250px-JTHM1SLG Publishing has announced Jhonen Vasquez’s signing schedule for San Diego Comic-Con 2015. Vasquez is an official guest of Comic-Con this year as he and SLG mark the 20th anniversary of the release of Johnny the Homicidal Maniac #1. In addition to his signing there will also be a Johnny/Jhonen Vasquez Spotlight panel.

SLG Publishing is located at booth 1815 next to DC Comics.

Thursday July 9

SLG Booth Signing – 2:30-4:00

Jhonen Vasquez Spotlight Panel – 5:00 pm  Room 32AB

Friday July 10

Signing SLG Booth – 4:00-5:00

Saturday July 11

Signing SLG Booth – 6:00-7:00

Sunday July 12

SLG Booth Signing 4:00-5:00

Also appearing at the SLG Booth will be creators Aaron Alexovich (Serenity Rose), Drew Rausch (Haunted Mansion, Winchester), Crab Scrambly, Jef Bambas (Model A), John Hageman (Woodland Welfare Manifesto), Matthew Ritter and Adam Elbahtimy (Nova Phase).

More Invader Zim Variant Covers!

I’ve seriously lost count at this point as to the amount of variant covers for Invader Zim #1 from Oni Press. The publisher has revealed a few more which you can check out below.

This variant cover by J.R. Goldberg will be available exclusively at Newbury Comics and can currently be pre-ordered.


This variant cover by Julieta Colas will be available exclusively through Books-a-Million stores and can currently be pre-ordered.


The below cover to Invader Zim #1 is by Jhonen Vasquez. The comic is now available for pre-order through the Oni Press web store.


Invader Zim Gets More Variant Covers

I’m can’t wait to check out Oni Press‘s Invader Zim comic. They’re revealing even more covers for the series before the first issue’s release. This below cover by the original creator of Invader Zim Jhonen Vasquez will be available in comic stores on July 8th.


This below variant cover by Mariel Cartwright will be available exclusively at I Want More Comics.


This variant cover by Dave Crosland will be available exclusively through Hot Topic stores.


Doom Comes Early in the Form of Invader Zim Zine Special

Oni Press have announced today TruthShrieker, a satirical kickoff to the ongoing comic book series based on the beloved animated show Invader Zim, in collaboration with Jhonen Vasquez and Nickelodeon.

TruthShrieker, a conspiracy-zine-style comic, features work by Invader Zim creator Jhonen Vasquez along with Aaron Alexovich, Eric Trueheart, Rikki Simons and Megan Lawton. It features articles by Invader Zim antagonist Dib among other brave TruthShrieker contributors unencumbered by the public’s insistence on “facts.” Fans can look forward to hard-hitting journalism pieces like “Where is Invader Zim?”, “Ms. Bitters Has Always Existed??”, “Is This Bee Haunted?” and many more.

TruthShrieker will first be available at the Oni Press booth (#529) at Denver Comic Con, May 23-25, and Jhonen Vasquez will sign copies during the event. The next chance for fans to get this unique prelude to the Invader Zim comic will be at San Diego Comic-Con International 2015, July 9-12.  After that, TruthShrieker will be available online through the Oni Press web store. The first issue of Invader Zim #1, will be available July 1 in comic stores across the country.

Oni Press Invader Zim

Invader Zim – Oni Press Partners with Jhonen Vasquez, Nickelodeon for Original Comic Book

Oni Press has announced it is collaborating with Jhonen Vasquez and Nickelodeon in producing an ongoing comic book series based on the beloved animated show Invader Zim. The series will explore a new chapter in Zim’s Earth invasion and the adventures of GIR, Dib and Gaz. The first comic will release on July 1st, 2015.

Zim, the diminutive, naïve Irken soldier, is assigned to invade Earth to keep him from disrupting his leaders’ plans to expand their empire. Arriving on the unsuspecting planet, he tries to blend in by disguising himself and his malfunctioning robot sidekick GIR as a human boy and his dog. Zim is constantly hounded by his nemesis Dib, who recognizes his alien nature, and Dib’s younger sister Gaz.

In 2001 animation fans were introduced to Zim, his oft-foiled plots to enslave the Earth and Jhonen Vasquez’s dark, funny universe on Nickelodeon. The show and Vasquez’s iconic characters went on to become cult classics with a following to this day. Fans have been waiting for the return of Zim and GIR; now they’ll get it in the first all-Zim comic book, part of Nickelodeon’s commitment to bring its beloved classic characters to new audiences.

invader zim

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It’s a new week with the Olympics going on. Are folks watching it at all? Favorite moments so far or things you’re looking forward to?

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It’s a new week and C2E2 is over.  Any announcements folks are excited about?

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Comics Alliance – Marvel’s Sunday at C2E2: ‘Thor’ Crossover with ‘Journey into Mystery,’ McKelvie on ‘Defenders’ Lots of Marvel news during this con.

SDCC 2011 Saturday Wrap Up

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Lots of running around with little sleep makes everyone a bit more punch drunk, and that wasn’t more apparent than at the Boom! Studios panel which left one comic book fan storming out early on, because not enough new news was being broken.  This lead to a lot of laughter throughout the hour long presentation, and showed some folks can really roll with the punches.  I haven’t laughed like that in a long time.

This also was the last day of the con for me.  It’s back to boiling Washington, DC for me with an early afternoon flight.  But that also means, decisions were made today as to some artists and writers to spotlight that caught my eye in Artist’s Alley and the small press areas of the show.  I have three that I think are all solid picks.

But here’s some more random thoughts post show:

  1. Lots of plans on how to tackle SDCC next year.
  2. Archaia is always a fantastic company and their Eisner wins Friday show why I feel right in my pick of them as the Publisher of the Year 2010.
  3. I got to meet and get autographs from Matz and Jhonen Vasquez, the former a new favorite and the latter a favorite of mine for over a decade.
  4. Boom! Studios is a great crew.  Looking forward to a closer relationship between them and this site.
  5. More panels next year (and maybe I can be on one or two.. hint hint people!)
  6. Maybe it’s time to wear a costume… naw.  I will start getting style tips from Ben Templesmith.  The man oozes fashion.
  7. I leave either late Sunday or Monday next year and get a closer hotel.
  8. Now I have a feel of what to expect, better believe we’ll have some fun as press with much better coverage and access.
  9. Need a better camera…
  10. Artists Alley and Small Press sections of conventions are still my favorite places to wander.  You see such wonderful talent from creators who are either overlooked or just haven’t hit big yet, or most importantly are bucking the system.  Each con I go to, the bulk of my money goes to supporting these individuals and finding new and up and coming talent.

That might be it for this convention, but onto Gen Con 2011, Baltimore Comic Con 2011, SPX 2011 and New York Comic-Con 2011!

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