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Irving Fine, Siegel and Shuster Society & Superman Champion Passes

Irving FineWhen we think of the creation of Superman, the names Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster come to mind, as they should since they directly created the character. But, names that’s are lesser known are Jerry Fine and Irving Fine. Jerry, who passed in December 2013, introduced Siegel and Shuster to each other and the two’s bond led to the creation of the iconic hero. That introduction led to the Fine’s involvement in the ongoing Superman legacy.

In 2007 Fine was one of the founders of what would become the Siegel and Shuster Society, an organization dedicated to promoting Superman and his Cleveland, Ohio roots.

Mike Olszewski, President of the Siegel and Shuster Society said:

The renovation of the Siegel house in Glenville, the permanent display about Superman’s Cleveland history at Hopkins Airport and the Ohio license plate with the famed S shield all came about because of Irv Fine’s guiding hand.

Fine passed March 11.