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IndieGoGo Spotlight: Campaigners #1

Campaigners_KS_Promo_page10_image1by Brendan Hykes

Then year is 2076, America’s tricentennial, and Presidential hopefuls prove their value by beating each other to death. Two high school girls and best friends, the opinionated but shy Kydra and the outgoing transgender Bianca Faye, are about to find out that speaking out against the system could threaten not only their friendship, but their lives. The sitting President, Archie Lennox, will watch their struggle and wonder if they’re right. And what does that mean to a President who beat three men to death for his two terms?

Campaigners is politics and violence and coming-of-age. It’s a look at social justice from both ends. It’s about being best friends, and being maybe not so great at being best friends. It’s about trying harder and getting in over your head and standing your ground.

Written by Brendan Hykes, and drawn by MJ Barros, with letters, logo and production by Sean Rinehart, Campaigners is a 5-issue mini series to be released digital-only, and we are currently raising funds for the first issue on Indiegogo. The funds we raise will cover the art, lettering and production, and anything over our initial goal will be put towards future issues.

Please take a look at our Indiegogo page, contribute if you can, and share the project!

Take a look at the short preview comic and see what you think!



While we’re no longer picking crowdfunding projects to spotlight on our site, we’re allowing project creators to make their case for their project on our platform. We remind individuals, we don’t endorse any of these projects, and that by supporting any crowdfunding project, you’re taking any risks associated with doing so. – the Management

Look to the Sky, Superman is Real

The trailer for the new documentary film Look to the Sky debuted online on Thursday. The not-for-profit film features the uplifting true stories of young people who have demonstrated the “Superman spirit” in life-threatening situations, physical challenges, loss and through heroic acts of community service. The film also explores the cultural meanings of Superman and whether the character has continued relevance in contemporary society.

LookToTheSky_Poster_FINALDirector Brett Culp‘s previous film – Legends of the Knight – looked at how Batman influenced individuals to do good and help others. The film screened in over 100 cities and raised over $75,000 for charity.

Over the past year, Culp and his team have filmed in 14 cities, capturing the stories of inspirational young people and experts on superhero stories, psychology and literature. Well-known interviewees include author Neil Gaiman, former DC Comics president Paul Levitz and Maria Popova of Brain Pickings.

The film is being produced through The Rising Heroes Project, a 501c3 not-for-profit organization founded by Culp and his wife, Tricia Culp.  The organization is focused on creating uplifting and educational films to inspire personal growth, community service and positive engagement in viewers of all ages.

The production team for Look to the Sky is now raising funds through Indiegogo to finish the film. The campaign gives supporters of the project the opportunity to pre-order copies of the finished film and other incentives as a way of funding this documentary project.

Release date of the film will be Fall 2016.

Kickstarter Spotlight: Samurai, Cake Princesses, Baking, Canada, Qu33R, Devils, Steampunk & Magic School

ebfe969d25999ac826e3481bc9f8572a_largeSons of Fate

What it is: A lost chapter in the history of ancient Japan and the code of the Samurai via an unlikely warrior from the most foreign of lands.

Why I like it: The story sounds pretty cool and I generally think we could use more cool Samurai stories out there. The art looks pretty solid too, and seeing it all in a full comic book series would be solid.

Best Pledge: $10 gets you all three issues as a PDF or $25 gets you a printed graphic novel.

Risk: MEDIUM: Creator Jean-Paul Deshong has been involved with previous Kickstarter projects, but I couldn’t see how well that went. Some of the prices seem a little off, but the March 2014 date for delivery seems to be pretty realistic.

20130920211345-promo_cover_picture_for_campaignMy Sweet Lady

What it is: The story focuses on a cake princess with a rotten attitude named Lady White Cake, and her quest to transform into someone that everyone will love and respect with the help of her little friend, Cupcake. Due to the sudden and mysterious death of Lady White’s father, the King, she will have to take his place as ruler of her kingdom in a month’s time, while uncovering the truth behind her father’s death.

Why I like it: I’m still generally new to manga, but there’s something that sounds cute and fun about the comic series.

Best Pledge: $12 gets you the zero issue of the series signed plus your name as a credit.

Risk: MEDIUM: I have no idea the creators experience in doing this sort of project and the January 2014 date seems a bit short.

44252ecea915488d14a786b2546c3456_largeNutmeg: Issue 1

What it is: When quiet, friendly Poppy Pepper teams up with steely new girl Cassia Caraway in a bid to sabotage haughty rival Saffron Longfellow’s brownie-baking enterprise, they wind up creating a brownie even more addictive than Saffron’s, thanks to a secret and possibly illicit ingredient. Before long, they find themselves at the head of a culinary empire and must navigate Saffron, her crew, the PTA and even the police.

Why I like it: Kickstarter is made for a comic series like this. How does the above not get you interested?

Best Pledge: $12 gets you a printed copy as well as pdf and a random print.

Risk: MEDIUM: The prices seem to be really low, but these are professionals, so….

1d305a027548ccc8a65f06cd9d39b97d_largeNelvana of the Northern Lights: Canada’s First Superheroine

What it is: Nelvana of the Northern Lights is Canada’s first superheroine and one of the most popular creations of the Canadian Golden Age of comics. YES! Canada has a golden age of comics!

She was first published in December 1941 in Triumph-Adventure Comics, and ran as a feature for 31 issues, even having her own merchandise and graphic novel. She’s one of the very first female superheroes ever created, predating Wonder Woman by several months.

Nelvana of the Northern Lights was created and developed by Adrian Dingle. The idea was conceived after hearing Inuit stories of a mysterious goddess-like figure relayed to him by his friend Franz Johnston (of the Group of Seven). Dingle decided to ‘make her into a doll in a miniskirt’ and thus Nelvana, defender of the Northern people and enemy to the Axis powers, was born.

Why I like it: This is a piece of history people!!! Awesome to see a superheroine from Canada getting some love.

Best Pledge: $50 gets you a copy to read in print and digital!

Risk: MEDIUM: As they state, they need to restore the book, so the time frame for delivery is a bit up in the air.

f4b9b02c1dbe6126e2d6ed17e2779993_largeQU33R — New Queer Comics Anthology

What it is: QU33R is an all-new project featuring queer comics legends as well as new talents that picks up where No Straight Lines left off. Where No Straight Lines set down our history, QU33R shines a light on our future!

Why I like it: I’ll always support Northwest Press and whatever that team puts together. They’re a needed voice and publisher in the comic book industry.

Best Pledge: $30 gets you the print edition of the book.

Risk: LOW: They know what they’re doing. I’ve contributed before to them and receive my copy in time and as promised.


What it is: 3 Devils is an 80 pg. graphic novel written and drawn by Bo Hampton and colored by Jeremy Mohler. It’s a Supernatural Western/ Action/ Adventure/ Melodrama and too much for editors, in general, to wrap their heads around, in this country and in Europe.

Why I like it: The story sounds very cool and the art looks pretty solid.

Best Pledge: $15 gets you a printed copy signed.

Risk: MEDIUM: First projects I always put at medium as they have no history, but the date of October 2014 is very realistic.

fb4ecf20c162c8339c8d112cadc61ec6_largeSTEAMPUNK REILLY

What it is: A graphic novel telling the story of Sidney Reilly, the world’s first true secret agent, set against a Steampunk alternate history.

Why I like it: I’m a fan of steampunk and the idea of mixing it up with a secret agent spin sounds like it could be pretty cool and entertaining.

Best Pledge: $15 gets you the printed first volume and some more items.

Risk: MEDIUM: The date of November seems to be off, even if it’s completed, I don’t see how it gets printed that quickly (though they may have it all printed).

5abdb047664374d0c47e3c6755725492_largeMisfortune High Book 1

What it is: Misfortune High is the story of Biscuit, a spoiled rich kid, who goes to the most prestigious magic academy in the city.  Biscuit gets caught cheating and lying, but his father decides not to bail him out as he usually does. Instead, his father punishes Biscuit by sending him to a magic school in a bad neighborhood.

Why I like it: The above sounds awesome! So much fun and something new and interesting.

Best Pledge: $15 gets you a digital copy of this and another series or $20 gets you a printed copy.

Risk: MEDIUM: It’s the first project so automatically gets this, but the project is done, so it’s just printing and shipping.

Around the Tubes

It’s new comic book day tomorrow, what’s everyone getting?

Around the Tubes

Kotaku – Well This Batman Trivia Question Won’t Be Relevant For Long – Ha!

ICv2 – ‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’ at 15.8 Million – A nice start.

The Beat – ComicMix Pro teams with Indiegogo – Hrm.

The Mary Sue – Forever 21′s Batman and Catwoman Collection Has Me Conflicted – This is interesting. A bit late….

The Mary Sue – Lynda Carter Talks Real Talk About How Hollywood Doesn’t Understand Wonder Woman – An interesting take.


Around the Tubes Reviews

Shadowhawk’s Shade – Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 1

CBR – The Trial of the Punisher #1

CBR – The Wake #4

Superman Takes Center Stage with DC’s Charity We Can Be Heroes

A hometown visit by a legendary comic book artist who will paint a one-of-a kind art piece on an entire wall, sneak peeks at one of the industry’s most anticipated video games and a custom bedroom designed for the kid that always wanted their own Fortress of Solitude. This is just some of what lies ahead in the Superman-themed wave of DC Entertainment and Warner Bros.’ We Can Be Heroes charitable giving campaign.

Following the success of the campaign’s first Batman-themed wave in April and May, the second installment is focused entirely around Superman, aligning with the June 14 premiere of the Man of Steel film and ongoing activities in 2013 celebrating the global icon’s 75th Anniversary.

The “perks” that will be made available to DC Entertainment fans over the next four weeks are a dazzling array of the assets and talent that make up the DC Entertainment and Warner Bros. universe. The perks range from unlimited items at $10 apiece to once-in-a lifetime opportunities for $25,000. As with the first wave, the campaign will be hosted on Indiegogo.

The first wave of the campaign that featured Batman eclipsed its initial goal of $50,000 in just three days and ultimately raised more than $150,000 in less than six weeks.

Among the perks highlighting the Superman wave of We Can Be Heroes are:

  • A hometown visit by legendary DC Entertainment artist Jim Lee, who will paint larger than life, custom artwork on a 10×10 wall
  • More than 50 beta keys providing advance access to the upcoming Infinite Crisis video game
  • A Superman-themed dream bedroom for kids
  • The opportunity to be drawn into an issue of Action Comics
  • Scores of signed issues of iconic Superman comics and theatrical posters from “Man of Steel”

In its second year, We Can Be Heroes is the largest charitable initiative in the history of DC Entertainment and Warner Bros. The funds raised will benefit the campaign’s nonprofit partners (Save the Children, International Rescue Committee and Mercy Corps) to deliver food, medicines and other resources critical to the survival of people in Ethiopia, Somalia and Kenya.

Indigogo Spotlight: The Zipper Club – Len Wallace Sings!

We previously promoted The great Indiegogo project, The Zipper Club. Creator Len Wallace laid down a challenge that if the project raised $1000 in the first week he would sing a Taylor Swift song like Les Miserable’s Javert. Well, done and done since the goal was met.

Now, talking to Len, he has laid out a new challenge. If the project is funded:

For a whole day, I will have my brother follow me with a camera and sing talk like that and then we’ll post the highlights.

So, I like a challenge, lets get him there and force him to embarrass himself some more.

IndieGoGo Spotlight: Zipper Club a Comic for Kids with Congenital Heart Defects

ZZZprrrIt’s nice to be able to support a comic book that not only has a good story, but is also for a good cause. That’s why I can proudly recommend The Zipper Club, a Indiegogo crowdfunding project by comic creator Len Wallace.

At age 8, Cliffy Goldfarb was the recipient of an emergency heart transplant. At age 9, Cliffy is now struggling to cope with the limitations his still recovering body is undergoing, and the fact that because of this, he has trouble relating to his peers. When his mom suggests spending his summer at Camp Bravehearts, a place for kids living with heart defects like his own, he has some trepidations about going this camp for “special” kids, but soon learns his worries were all over nothing when he meets a young girl named Rosie who introduces him to a group of new friends who encourage him by showing off their surgical scars to one another and inducting Cliffy into “The Zipper Club”.

Len himself knows the subject well, he himself is a life-long survivor of a congenital heart defect and worked at a real camp that inspired the him to write the story. The series isn’t just about these kids and their heart defect, Len has plotted out a long run that will tackle issues like dealing with divorce, young love, coping with loss of a friend or family member, survivor’s guilt and even puberty. Len has shown his knack for taking on similar subjects in his Oni graphic novel, Love Buzz. Art will be provided by Brenda Liz Lopez.

The money raised will go towards funding the first print run and a little towards paying for the creation. There’ll also be copies donated to pediatric cardiac care centers around the county, so it can make its way into the hands of kids who could need it. And here is even better news, a portion of any profits from the book will be donated to the American Heart Association as a way for the project to give back.

Best Pledge: $15 – I’d say give as much as you can since this is a good cause, but this level gets you a digital and print copy.

Risk: LOW – I know Len pretty well, and he’ll come through on this. Most of the material is done, so the creation part is good to go. The risk I see is printing issues, but he’s built in a good amount of padding for that.

DC’s We Can Be Heroes Raises Money on IndieGoGo

badge_v2DC Entertainment last year launched a new initiative to combat the hunger crisis in the Horn of Africa. Their effort, We Can Be Heroes uses their popular properties to raise awareness, and money, to help with relief efforts. The comic publisher has launched a fundraising effort on the crowd funding platform IndieGoGo as part of this effort.

Their initial goal of $50,000 has been passed and since then they’ve upped their effort with a target of raising $100,000 that will be given to their non-profit partners.

Each fundraising effort will take on a different theme focusing on a character, the first one up is Batman. For donating, you’re able to get various items like comic books, t-shirts, posters, or even a trip to San Diego Comic Con.

This stuff is only available until May 7, 2013, so check out the latest perks.

The funds raised go to:

Save the Children—Tirelessly committed to improving the lives of children and families whose lives have been changed by the hunger crisis.

International Rescue Committee—delivering life-changing aid to the world’s most vulnerable people.

Mercy Corps—Unfailingly dedicated to making life more livable in the world’s toughest places.

IndieGoGo Spotlight – Harpy Horror VS. Robot Thriller – Graphic Novel Showdown!

In a twist to the crowd funding experience Kara Barrett, writer of the indie series The End Is Totally Nigh, has launched a new fundraiser page for her upcoming graphic novel project. Not only is she offering a rewards like printed books and posters, but she is also providing a unique incentive and offering “votes” for each dollar contributed. Barrett is pitching two different concepts for her 45 page graphic novel and is allowing the public to decide which concept gets created. The more backers contribute, the more votes they receive. When the online fundraiser is over, the winning concept is the one that will be published.

One story is a sci-fi thriller involving a futuristic world where robots infiltrate every part of life and the other is a modern day horror story about a woman who is unexpectedly turned into a mythological beast. The project page features short previews for each book and a synopsis of each concept. Contributors can sample both and then decide which one they prefer.

Said Barrett:

I knew I wanted to make both of these books, but I could only hope to have the resources to make one of them. I love both stories and I decided that I would let the people contributing to this book decide which one they wanted to read the most. I think no matter which one gets created, the readers will be pleased with the final product.

Contributors can donate as little $5 dollars or as much as $500. The rewards include signed copies of the limited edition first printing of the book, posters, character sketches and cameo illustrations. There are also 3 special reward tiers created for aspiring comic artists, comic enthusiasts/bloggers and resellers. Artists can contribute $50 and have a pinup featured in the book, limited to 15. Comic lovers and bloggers can get signed scripts and an advanced preview of part one of the book along with author interviews. For resellers, there is an option to receive signed books with prints. Perfect for small comic book shops and online retailers.

The fundraiser will last 30 days and all the funds collected will go toward paying for professional artwork, editing and lettering.

You can pledge now.

Help Bring Red Run to the World!

From the creative team of Brandon Barrows (Action Lab Comics’ JACK HAMMER) and Joel Cotejar (Brainscan Studios’ FIENDISH FABLES) comes a brand-new horror one-shot, RED RUN!

RED RUN tells the story of the McConnells, a down-on-their-luck family desperately in need of a fresh start. Packing only what will fit into a trailer, young parents Becky and David move their two small children, Dina and Ben, out of state to an unassuming town somewhere in America’s heartland in order to seek employment. They rent a cheap apartment and make a surprise discovery in their new home that seems like a dream come true, only for it to be the beginning of Becky’s nightmares.

This is a story that we (Brandon and Joel) feel needs to be told, but we need your help. We are seeking to raise $1000, just over half of what the total cost of doing this book will run. I (Brandon) am paying the other half out of my own pocket and the funds raised here will go to paying Joel for his time, effort and the supplies neccessary to pencil, ink and color the comic as he is a working artist with a family to support. I am not taking any page rate as writer of the book and if, through donors’ generosity, we exceed our goal,the excess over $1000 will go towards the rest of cost of producing the book and towards the cost of lettering.

As much as we need your help, we want to give something back in return, as well. Donation gifts include special “IndieGoGo Thank you” versions of the comic (in print and digital formats), exclusive prints, ORIGINAL production art, ORIGINAL sketches and even a chance to see YOUR name listed in the comic’s credits!

Please take a look at the cover and preview pages then click the link below to watch the campaign video and please consider donating. This is a tale about a family who need a helping hand and we need yours to bring their story to the world!


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