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Dark Horse, Humanoids, Valiant, and Impact Theory Join Graphite Comics

Graphite Comics, Inc. announced today the arrival of four new publishers to their popular freemium streaming comic book platform, Graphite. World renowned publishers Dark Horse, Humanoids, Valiant, and Impact Theory will join over 500 other publishers and content creators already active on the platform, adding to Graphite’s existing library of over 25,000 comic books, webtoons, webcomics, and manga.

Among the most well-known titles releasing on Graphite are Hellboy, The Witcher, Aliens and Umbrella Academy from Dark Horse, The Incal, The Metabarons, and The Twilight Man from Humanoids, Bloodshot from Valiant, and Steve Aoki’s Neon Future from Impact Theory.

The new publishers join an already impressive roster including BOOM! Studios, IDW Publishing, Legendary, Aspen, Dynamite, Papercutz, Top Cow, Markosia and Tidalwave, as well as hundreds of independent artists who self-publish creator-owned content on the platform via Graphite’s Upload system.

Graphite is a streaming comic distribution platform offering both free-to-read, ad-supported comics and a monthly subscription for users who want access to the full catalog, with no ads and early access to read without interruptions. Graphite also boasts the highest image quality available for comic book content on mobile and web, an AI driven recommendation system, and a suite of social and discovery features and tools, which facilitate the sharing and promotion of comic content by publishers, creators and fans alike.

Graphite is unique in that it offers readers content in all formats, including digital print, graphic novels, manga, vertical scrolling webtoons, web comics and comic strips.

Graphite offers a $4.99 monthly subscription that gives user full access to all premium content and an ad-free experience.

With Graphite Upload, any creator and publisher can self-publish comics in any format such as digital print, webtoons, webcomics, strips and right-to-left reading manga in minutes in any language. With Graphite’s revenue share platform, creators can track their stats and earnings in real time.