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Review: Alpha Gods: Revelations

The television show Heroes was one of those shows when it was on the air had captivated its audiences. The first trailer showed some reluctant superheroes including an unbreakable cheerleader, in Claire Bennet. You had a man who could fly, in Nathan Petrelli, which was nothing new, but somehow it felt like something extraordinary on television. You had a hero who could absorbs anyone’s powers in Nathan’s brother, Peter.

You also had one of the most complicated villains at the time, in Sylar, an antagonist with many problems, much of it attributed to his upbringing and who was outright homicidal. As scary as Sylar was, the scariest villain was the shadow organization that Jack Bennet worked for, as they hunted each of our “heroes’, as if they were lamb for the slaughter. I often wondered watching the show, how would it be if the most powerful heroes worked for the agency that hunted them? The repercussions of such a scenario is played out in the penultimate book of the Alpha Gods series, Revelations.

We catch up with the Alpha Gods, as they are attempting to place a foothold in their newly liberated status as well as freeing their fathers, the Grigori, through fulfilling a prophecy, of the Merovingian Prince.  We also catch up with the villain, Chamreth, who looks to end the Alpha Gods, through of a secret weapon. A series of tragedies and betrayals have the Alpha Gods feeling as if they under siege. By book’s end, the Angels and the Alpha Gods face a final confrontation, one that would prove deadly for most but saccharine for at least two.

Overall, an excellent ending to a very eventful series, one that doesn’t shy away from killing beloved characters all in the name of putting together an excellent story. The story by Ian Sherman is suspense-filled, blood-stained, and surprisingly sentimental. The art by JJ Alonso compliments the story. Altogether, a superhero story like no other one which will have readers change their view of how the world sees deities.

Story: Ian Sherman Art: JJ Alonso
Story:9 Art:8 Overall:9.4 Recommendation: Buy